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A top five NIH-funded research institution

Oral Health Sciences PhD and Masters Program

The primary objective of these programs is to train outstanding students to become leaders in academic research in oral health science.

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Research Training

The School of Dentistry provides opportunities for students and volunteers to enrich their education through research.


2021 is a Virtual Event

An annual celebration of the cutting-edge research at the School of Dentistry, including a keynote, poster presentations, and awards.

Schedule of Events

9:00am Research Day Poster Session
Open to UM faculty, staff & students (link coming soon)
1:00pm - 2:00pm Keynote Presentation
Open to everyone (link coming soon)
2:15pm - 4:30pm Live 411 Presentation Judging - Finalists
Open to everyone (link coming soon)
5:00pm - 5:30pm Live Award Ceremony
Open to everyone (link coming soon)

Keynote Presentation

Arlyne Simon, PhD

Arlyne B. Simon, PhD

Platform Architect, Intel & Founder, Timouns

"Powering through Uncertainty"

Dr. Simon is a biomedical engineer, author and inventor who graduated from the University of Michigan Biomedical Engineering PhD program and was a School of Dentistry T32-TEAM Training Grant trainee. Her keynote seminar titled "Powering through Uncertainty" will encourage and inspire our students, faculty and staff as we strive to meet our mission of advancing health through education, service, research and discovery.

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission is OPEN - due January 15, 2021.



The research may not have been published (even as an abstract) or presented at any national or international meeting (excluding state, regional or institutional meetings) prior to submission. Students at all levels, Postdoctoral Trainees and research staff are encouraged to participate.

The individual participating in the competition must be from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, or the research must be in direct collaboration with a faculty member from the School of Dentistry.

If an abstract is submitted, the presenter(s) are committing to provide a poster via PDF of the titled abstract submitted no later than Monday, February 15th, The poster will be uploaded to the Research Day 2021 virtual event.

Note: Judging eligibility has been changed for 2021 (See judging info below)

Information required for the abstract submission includes:

  • Presenter name(s) and umich email
  • Title of abstract/poster
  • Faculty Mentor and Department
  • Authors
  • Abstract text (2,000 character limit)
  • Sources of financial support
  • Level of training (student, postdoc, staff)
  • Judging info


Please keep in mind that the category you select during the application process is the category in which you will be judged. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your faculty advisor for advice on the best placement of your research.

  1. Clinical, Public Health, Behavioral and Education Research: focus on clinical research questions in general dentistry or one of the clinical dental specialties and may focus on diagnostic approaches, interventions and/or prevention and/or may evaluate clinical techniques, materials or devices directly related to oral health care. This category also includes educational research, epidemiology, public health, community-based, and/or public policy research.
  2. Basic Science and Translational Research: generally hypothesis-driven projects involving some aspect of basic or translational sciences. Translational research pertains to studies that investigate the application of basic science findings to clinical situations. Research in this category may address a technique or method involving a biological or physical science.


Research Day 2021 will be a virtual event.

Abstracts will be pre-judged with finalists identified to present on Research Day at the live Judging Session on Thursday, February 18th from 2:15-4:30pm.

Finalists will be identified after February 1st and informed via email that they will be present during the live judging session.

Presentation will be a 411 Model - 4 Minutes to present their research using 1 presentation (up to 4 slides) and responding to 1 question. Professional dress is required for finalist presentations


  • Finalists have a maximum of 4 PowerPoint slides for presentation.
  • The presentation is Four (4) minutes for your presentation and one minutes for a response to a question. The Committee will hold you to this time. It is advisable to rehearse your presentation prior to the meeting to ascertain that the time is not exceeded.
  • Cover the same material as reported in the abstract.
  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the Judges with the nature and purpose of the study.
  • Briefly describe procedures and materials. Define all trade names first, then use generic names throughout. All compounds and drugs must be identified.
  • Allocate most of the presentation time to the results of the study. State the results simply and clearly so that significant facts can be readily identified.
  • Conclude the presentation with a brief summary of the essential results you believe were demonstrated by the experimental data.


Category & Eligibility Category 1
Clinical, Public Health, Behavioral and Education Research
Category 2
Basic Science Research and Translational Science
Degree Seeking students:
DDS, Hygiene, Masters and Undergrad students
1st Place Award
1st Place Award
PhD Students (DDS/PhD) and Postdoctoral Trainees 1st Place Award
1st Place Award
SCADA/Dentsply Award
Eligibility - D1, D2 or D3 or DDS/PhD only
1st Place - Goes to top ranked score of current DDS or DDS/PhD eligible student
Award: Expenses paid for presenting at AADR (membership, registration, hotel, flight)
AADR Student Travel Award:
Enrolled student who has an approved abstract to present at AADR
Top Research Day Finalist who is also presenting at AADR/IADR in July 2021
Award winner announced in April 2020
Travel support
Dental Hygiene Awards TBD

Thank You: Sponsors and Partners

Research Day 2021 will have opportunities to advertise and sponsor. Selections include the 4 levels below. Select which level would work best for your company. Questions please contact dent-researchday@umich.edu for more information.


All levels of sponsorship will have their Company name with link to URL on Research Day website under the thank you section.

$100 Research Day Friend Company name and URL on Research Day website
$250 Research Day Colleague Company Name and URL on Research Day Website
Company Name listed at Keynote Session
$500 Research Day Sponsor Logo highlighted on Research Day Website
Company name and URL on Research Day website
Company name and logo listed at Keynote and Award Ceremony
$1,000 Research Day Sponsor Partner Logo highlighted on Research Day Website
Company name and URL on Research Day website
Company name and logo listed at Keynote and Award Ceremony
**2 minute highlight at Judging session (short video or still advertisement)

All advertising images and materials will need to be submitted no later than Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

Thank you to our advertisers and sponsors for Research Day 2021.

Virtual Poster Session & Info

Research Day 2021 will be highlighted with a Virtual Poster Session that opens Thursday, February 18th.

  • The Poster Session will be behind the MiTools firewall and access available with umich unique name and password.
  • Each abstract submission will result in a poster visible through the Virtual Poster Session.


  • The Poster must cover the same material as the abstract and be titled the same.
  • Use figures, tables, text, photographs and other illustrations to display your information in a clear and concise manner. Material should flow logically so that it “tells a story.”
  • Briefly describe procedures and materials. Define all trade names first, then use generic names throughout. All compounds and drugs must be identified.
  • The poster is not a publication. Avoid full sentences and use bullets to increase clarity. References are not necessary.
  • Prepare all graphics neatly and legibly beforehand, then copy/paste into the template. Typed materials should be in a font large enough to read (18 point minimum). Photographs should be 300 dpi JPEG format, and placed into the template using the “insert” function.
  • Be sure to acknowledge all authors.
  • Identify funding sources (include grant number)


Poster templates are available from Dental Informatics. Please use an updated template.

Poster numbers will be emailed the week of January 15th.

The file will need to be converted into a PDF format for upload.

Upload your poster the week of February 8th. (Due February 12th by 5pm)

Questions - email dent-researchday@umich.edu

Awards 2021

SCADA Winner

Name Place Level Mentor Title

AADR Travel Award

Name Place Level Mentor Title

DDS, DH, MS, Undergraduate

  Clinical, Population, and Educational Research

Name Place Level Mentor Title

  Basic Science & Translational Research

Name Place Level Mentor Title

PhD, Post Doc, Faculty, Staff

  Clinical, Population, and Educational Research

Name Place Level Mentor Title

  Basic Science

Name Place Level Mentor Title

Dental Hygiene

Name Place Level Mentor Title


Any questions regarding Research Day please contact the Office of Research:

Email: dent-researchday@umich.edu
Phone: 734-615-1970
Location: Dentistry - G306


The Office of Research & Research Training coordinates the school-wide Oral Health Sciences Seminar Series. Students, faculty, postdocs and trainees are welcome to attend the seminars.

Programs that host seminars include:

  • TEAM - T32 Training Grant
  • OHS PhD Program
  • Human and Clinical Research Center at Dentistry (HCRC)
  • Office of Research
  • Victor's for Clinical and Research Faculty Development

Contact: Office of Research & Research Training dent-research@umich.edu - 734-615-1970

Browse full list of upcoming events.



The School of Dentistry offers research training opportunites for undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, visiting faculty, and volunteers.

Training Opportunites on campus

The Student Research Group

The Student Research Group is a local chapter of the American Association for Dental Research Student Group. This is a School of Dentistry student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster an environment where students interested in enriching their dental education through research are encouraged to do so. Current UM-Dent students, please contact the Office of Research for information at dent-research@umich.edu.

Volunteer Research Opportunities

Volunteer research opportunities are available within the laboratories at the School of Dentistry. Please visit Volunteer Research Opportunities for directions and information. Contact questions should email dent-research@umich.edu.

Oral Health Sciences PhD

The PhD Program in Oral Health Sciences trains outstanding students to become advanced research scientists in their field of interest within the oral sciences. This program provides students with an understanding of the functional, structural and molecular properties of the oral region. The training will prepare dentist scientists who will be strong candidates for faculty positions in dental schools at major research universities. The program includes basic, translational and clinical research approaches to important problems concerned with health maintenance or diseases of the oral facial region. Contact email for the OHS PhD Program is dent-ohsphd@umich.edu.

DDS/PhD in Oral Health Sciences

The DDS/OHS PhD Program will prepare outstanding scientists with research emphases in areas of oral health and disease, who also will have the finest clinical preparation. Such individuals will be among the leaders in modern academic dentistry. Students apply to and are admitted to both the DDS Program and the Oral Health Sciences PhD Program. The DDS/OHS PhD Program provides training in dentistry and research through a series of clinical and research experiences and course work.

Specialty MS Programs/PhD in Oral Health Sciences

Programs for exceptional students who are interested in pursuing a Master of Science degree in a clinical specialty and PhD in Oral Health Sciences are available on an individual basis, pending admission to both programs.

Tissue Engineering and Regeneration Training Grant

Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Positions have been established through this training grant supported by NIH, NIDCR. The primary objective is to provide an interdisciplinary research-intensive environment for individuals who wish to pursue careers in the oral sciences. This grant program, known as Tissue Engineering at Michigan (TEAM), is not a degree-granting program and relies on individual departments and units to recruit program candidates.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program creates research partnerships between first and second year undergraduate students and University of Michigan faculty.

Master of Science Clinical Researcher (MSCR)

The Master of Science in Clinical Research program, which is the first of its kind in the United States, gives students in medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy the option of various research experiences. The program implements novel, flexible institutional clinical research training and provides efficient entry of interested students into clinical research careers.

Medical Innovation Center (MIC)

The MIC Fellowship Program builds tomorrow's innovation leaders today. The MIC Fellowship is a multidisciplinary "team" training program for post-graduate professionals with medical, dental, doctorate, or master's degrees, who are committed to addressing real healthcare issues through innovation excellence. Innovation Fellows are expected to function as a cohesive team, blurring the boundaries of their respective disciplines, specialties, or subspecialties.

Training Opportunities on the NIH campus

NIH - Medical Research Scholars Program

The National Institute of Health (NIH) Medical Research Scholars Program (MRSP) is a comprehensive, year-long research enrichment program designed to attract the most creative, research-oriented medical, dental, and veterinary students to the intramural campus of the NIH in Bethesda, MD. The application cycle is October 1 - January 31.

NIDCR - Summer Research Fellowship Program

The NIDCR Summer Dental Student Award is designed to promote the professional careers of talented dental students through exposure to the latest advances in oral health research. Fellows are assigned to a mentor who conducts research in the area of interest. Students will gain hands-on experience in basic or clinical research. Participation may result in presentation of research findings at a scientific meeting and co-authorship of scientific publications. Program duration: summer (minimum of 8 weeks). Applications due January.

NIH-Summer Internship in Biomedical Research

The Summer Research Fellowship Program at the NIH provides an opportunity for medical and dental students to spend the summer working side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the world in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research. Program duration: summer (minimum of 8 weeks). Application process opens mid-November.


WELCOME to Clinical Research at the School of Dentistry where we strive to serve the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, the profession, and the public in the translation of basic knowledge into new clinical therapies, while supporting the evaluation of existing therapies in order to improve oral, dental and craniofacial health.

For general research patient information, please email dent-HCRCrespatients@umich.edu.

For patients interested in current studies, please visit the UM Health Research.

For SOD Researchers (Faculty, Students and Staff) in need of information and resources pertaining to clinical research, please visit MiTools Clinical Research. If you are looking for current studies then please visit MiTools Studies Seeking Subjects.

Did you know that the Human and Clinical Research Center has a practiced-based referral network? Practicing dentists can sign up to take part in this network. By joining this network you are helping further research and the dental profession. Once enrolled, you will receive quarterly emails that contain flyers for the various studies that are being conducted at the dental school. If you think you have any patients that may qualify you can simply hand them the flyer and they can contact the person on the flyer. It is important to note that any patients you refer for specific trials will be screened to see if they qualify, and, if they do, they will only receive treatment related to the study. We will work with your office to coordinate any other dental care they may need during the study period.


Clinical Research Contact Information

Director of Clinical Research and Clinical Professor of Dentistry, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine
734-647-4023 | reber@umich.edu


The Contracts and Grants Service Center performs all of the pre- and post-award administration for the School of Dentistry.

It is responsible for the review of all proposals with external and internal funding/provider sources. The Service Center reviews and receives any proposals that involve School of Dentistry faculty or space for compliance review with School, University and Sponsor guidelines -- whether primarily held in the School or outside campus units. The Dean of the School of Dentistry, or designee, is the signature authority for the School.


Research Process Manager
Patrick Lagua 763-3389 jeangrey@umich.edu
Research Process Coordinators
Todd Brown 764-5525 todbrown@umich.edu
Jennifer Linzmeier 764-2210 jenolinz@umich.edu
Mary Roosen 764-4086 mgrannis@umich.edu
Janet Sloan 764-8038 jsloan@umich.edu

If you currently do not have an assigned Contracts and Grants Office coordinator, please contact the Research Process Manager or dent-grants@umich.edu.

The Contracts and Grants Office is located in room 1335 in the School of Dentistry Building.


We aim to respond to most queries within one business day. If your coordinator is away from the office, please contact jeangrey@umich.edu or dent-grants@umich.edu.



Please let your C and G Coordinator know as soon as possible if you are planning on submitting a proposal. The more lead time you provide, the better the final proposal will be.

  • 2020 NIH Timelines
  • External to UM Proposal Timeline
  • Internal to UM Proposal Timeline:

    The C&G Office recommends the following timeline for internal proposals being submitted to internal-to-UM funding sources:

    • At least 10 business days from proposal deadline – Inform the C&G Office of your intent to submit.
    • 7 business days from proposal deadline – draft proposal documents are due. This should at least include a draft budget, budget justification and abstract. All documents that require school signature from department chairs, the dean or other PIs should be ready for signature routing.
    • 3 business days – final proposal is due to C&G office for review and submission.
  • Budgeting Considerations
  • Typical Proposal Contents
  • Should PIs sign agreements?

    Please do not sign any contracts or award agreements from sponsors. Awards are typically awarded to the University of Michigan and not to the PI. As such, PIs do not have signature authority on behalf of UM. Please consult with your C&G coordinator before signing any contracts, agreements or legal documents. This also applies to agreements that do not involve funds such as material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements or data use agreements.



Most labs and departments have set up their own procurement systems. However, if you need assistance with ordering please contact your C&G coordinator or the School’s procurement staff at acmcd@umich.edu or dent-procurement@umich.edu.


Your C&G coordinator sends out monthly financial reports via email that provide a snapshot of the financial status of your projects. Please take the time to review these reports as they will also contain some notes for your review as well as action items for your attention. These reports are typically distributed to faculty every month. Note that C&G only manages your sponsored research funds. Please contact your department administrators if you have questions about your discretionary or other School of Dentistry accounts and shortcodes.


Your C&G coordinator can assist you with completing your required NIH RPPRs. If you haven’t already, please give your coordinator delegate access via the eRA Commons. For steps on how to do this, please visit Delegate Access.


Purchasing equipment will typically require a completed Sole Source Form.


Many, if not all, requested changes to a project such as a no-cost extension or approval for purchasing general use supplies requires a post-award change approval. Such requests will typically require chair and/or dean-level approval. For a summary of the required approvals for most post-award changes, see Post Award Change Request Form.

Your C&G coordinator can assist you with preparing and routing the post-award change form for approval and signatures.


The Tissue Engineering and Regeneration (TEAM) is an interdisciplinary research-intensive training program for individuals who wish to pursue careers in the oral sciences with a focus in the area of restoration of oral-craniofacial tissues.


The Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Regenerative Medicine (MPWRM) Resource Center is one of the two national Resource Centers established through the Dental Oral Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration Consortium (DOCTRC) initiative at National Institute of Dental Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) to accelerate the clinical translation of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine- based therapies in the dental, oral, and craniofacial space.

The Resource Center brings together a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, engineers, scientists, and technology commercialization and regulatory experts from academia and industry to support the regenerative medicine research community by providing resources and expertise to guide innovations that address an unmet clinical need for the regeneration or restoration of dental, oral, and craniofacial tissues. It is a collaborative effort amongst the University of Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, and is led by Dr. David Kohn and Dr. William Giannobile at the U-M School of Dentistry.



Associate Dean for Research
Associate Dean for Research and Director of the OHS/PhD program, Professor of Dentistry, Department of Biologic and Materials Sciences and Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry
734-615-1970 | vesak@umich.edu
Director of Research Administration
Academic Program Manager
Academic Program Manager
734-763-3388 | kimbsmit@umich.edu
Regulatory and Compliance
Research Laboratory Specialist Lead
734-615-4833 | tcjin@umich.edu
Administrative Assistant Sr
Administrative Assistant Senior
734-647-4595 | amyson@umich.edu