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Oral Health Sciences PhD Programs

The primary objective of this program is to train outstanding students to become leaders in academic research in oral health sciences. Enrolled students pick from several training tracks, including OHS PhD, DDS/PhD, MS/PhD, and the Future Faculty Track.

Oral Health Sciences Masters Program (MS)

This one year program is intended to prepare students to acquire skills and knowledge necessary for a competitive dental school application, a competitive application to a PhD training program, or employment in a research laboratory.

The Oral Health Sciences PhD and MS are programs of the Rackham Graduate School offered at the School of Dentistry.


ORAL HEALTH SCIENCES SEMINAR SERIES The Office of Research coordinates the school-wide Oral Health Sciences Seminar Series. Students, faculty, postdocs and trainees are welcome to attend the seminars.

Contact: Office of Research


September 28, 2023

Title: Insights from an adipo-centric investigator: bone marrow adiposity, cool adaptation, and more...

Ormond MacDougald, PhD
John A. Faulkner Collegiate Professor of Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Professor, Internal Medicine

Time: Noon - 1 PM

Host: Dr. Lauren Surface

Location: DENT G550 

Sponsored by Oral Health Sciences

October 10, 2023

Title: New insights into orofacial motor control and pain sensation

Dr. Fan Wang
Massachusetts Institue of Technology
Cambridge Massachusetts

Time: Noon - 1 PM  

Host: Dr. Peng Li & Dr. Joshua Emrick

Location: DENT G550

Sponsored by Victors

October 16, 2023

Title: Life course research in oral health: contributions, challenges and misuses

Dr. Murray Thomson
Emeritus Professor (Dental Epidemiology and Public Health)
Editor-in-Chief, Gerodontology
Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Otago
Dunedin, New Zealand

Department of Oral Sciences

Time: Noon - 1 PM

Host: Dr. Margherita Fontana

Location: DENT G550

Sponsored by Oral Health Sciences

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