Andrea Mantesso Pobocik

Clinical Assistant Professor


Cariology, Restorative Sciences & Endodontics


1011 N. University Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1078, Office 2141




Dr. Andrea Mantesso Pobocik completed her dental degree in 1994 and earned a Ph.D. in Oral Cancer in 2000. In 2003, she joined as a faculty member at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. In pursuit of her research interests, she relocated to London in 2006 and worked as a research fellow at King's College London School of Dentistry. Her focus during this period was on dental stem cells, and she remained there until 2010 before returning to her faculty position in Brazil. In 2014, Dr. Pobocik moved to Michigan for personal reasons and embarked on a residency in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. During this period, she earned a clinical certificate and a master's degree. Upon completing her residency in 2019, she joined the School of Dentistry as a clinical faculty member in the Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics Department. Dr. Pobocik primarily dedicates her time to teaching dental students clinical and pre-clinical skills. She continues her research in Dental Stem Cells and Oral Cancer alongside her teaching responsibilities. However, her role managing pre-clinical courses has ignited a newfound interest in Dental Education. Given her diverse training experiences, various responsibilities, and involvement in different research projects, Dr. Pobocik values organization, flexibility, teamwork, and effective interprofessional communication as essential tools for achieving her professional goals.