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SPDL - Selection Criteria


  • Demonstration of leadership characteristics and/or experience through functioning as change agent, thinking strategically, becoming results oriented, and proven high level of performance
  • Personal characteristics - The candidate's character and reputation, as evidenced by references, will be of the highest quality, reflecting personal characteristics that are important in providing leadership in any area.

 Continuous Learner 

  • Potential to be a productive participant - Each candidate will be considered in terms of willingness to learn new perspectives. They will contribute to and benefit from seminars and other program activities.
  • Commitment to participate - Enrollment in the SPDL program will constitute a significant commitment of time and effort in addition to the traditional dental curriculum.  The candidate must be fully committed to being involved and participate in all of the program events and seminars. 

Problem Solver

  • Demonstrated ability to creatively think in a global multicultural environment - Each candidate will be evaluated for evidence of their willingness to consider different ideas and views and their use of creative thinking strategies.

Strategic Thinker

  • Scope of perspective on issues and knowledge of dentistry - Each candidate will be evaluated for his or her long-term commitment and concern for a broad scope of issues of importance to dentistry.


  • Potential to work effectively with people - The candidate must demonstrate their ability to work well and communicate effectively with others, accept individual differences, set goals and develop an action plan to meet those goals.  They should be able to make effective decisions, and positively influence others' decisions. A successful applicant will demonstrate their commitment to work with, learn from, and share with other people.