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Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) - The Committee

Committee Members

Todd Ester Dir. Office of Diversity and Inclusion Faculty
Elliott Hill BMS Faculty
Kenneth May BMS Faculty
Bonita Neighbors Dir. Community Dental Ctr. Faculty
Helena Ritchie CRSE Faculty
Marti Kyriaki OMFS Faculty
Rogerio Castilho POM Faculty
Marita Inglehart POM Faculty
Henry Temple POM Faculty
Martha McComas POM / Dental Hygiene Faculty
Mary Jo Gray Deans Office / Compliance Staff
Sue Koehler Dean's Office / Faculty Affairs Staff
Gail Oljace Informatics Staff
JJ Sae-ung OMFS Staff
Milad Karim Pt Services/Dispensing Staff
Cheryl Quiney Pt Services/Patient Care Coordinator Staff
Judy Craft Pt Services/Sterilization Staff
Wassim El Awadi D1 Student
Amir Aryaan D2 Student
Dan Bair D2 Student
Guneet Kohli D2 Student
Assal Aslani D3 Student
Patrick Johnson D3 Student
DeAngelo Webster D3 Student
My Young D3 Student
Arlene (Lora) Kewallal D4 Student
Saliah Miles D4 Student
Ovy Quintanal D4 Student
Alexandria Schultz DH3 Student
John Squires Informatics, retired Retired