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Profile for Success - FAQs

Q. If I am in the Profile for Success program, will I have the opportunity to take the DAT at the end of the program?
A. Yes, time is built into the schedule for you to take the exam at our local testing center.

Q.  What might a typical day be like for the Profile for Success program?
A. A typical day consists of test preparatory courses, speaker presentations, and workshops.  Participants are in session from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Q. Will I have to live in the residence hall for the duration of the program, even if I live close to the School of Dentistry?
A. Yes, all program participants are required to live in the residence hall for the duration of the program.

Q. Do I have to remain at the program for the full length of time? What happens if I need to start late or leave early?
A. It is the responsibility of program participants to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts during the PFS Program.  Exceptions are rarely made for a participant to begin the program late or leave the program early.

Q. How close is the School of Dentistry to the residence hall?
A. The School of Dentistry is about a 10-12 minute walk from the Hill area residence halls. 

Q. What does the stipend cover?
A. The stipend covers your housing, meals, and living expenses during the program.  However, it is your responsibility to budget your money according to your needs during that time.

Q. Do we receive a meal plan?
A. Yes. Meal plans are provided for each student through the hill area dining hall. This includes three meals per day.