Applicants to the Internationally Trained Dentist Program (ITDP) are reviewed in a holistic manner with consideration to all components of the application, including the criteria below. Many dental schools offer programs that support internationally trained dentists applying for dental programs in the United States. Visit the University of Michigan's Synergy Dentist program for more information.

Applicants are required to pass the NBDE Part I and report their results directly on the CAAPID application. The NBDE Part II is not required but is encouraged.

Official scores will be requested when an offer of admission is made.

Please see the ADA website for more information about the NBDE.

The Advanced Dental Admissions Test (ADAT) is recommended but not required for admission to the University of Michigan Internationally Trained Dentist Program.

Applications who have taken the ADAT and submit scores via ADEA CAAPID will receive priority review. However, all applicants who meet our general program minimum requirements will be reviewed.

When registering for the test, applicants should select ADEA CAAPID to receive their scores. Official scores will be posted to the CAAPID application within a few weeks of each test date. Applicants should also self report ADAT scores on the CAAPID application.

All applicants are required to take the internet-based TOEFL and achieve a minimum overall score of at least 94. No waivers will be granted. Total scores above 100 are considered competitive. The following minimum subscores are not required but highly recommended:

  • Reading: 25
  • Listening: 25
  • Speaking: 26
  • Writing: 25

TOEFL scores are valid for two years after the test date. Scores that are older than this will not be accepted.

Official TOEFL scores must be sent electronically from ETS directly to CAAPID before the application deadline (see instructions for sending TOEFL scores).

Applicants are expected to demonstrate experience working in the dental field. Experiences that indicate direct patient care as a licensed dentist are desirable and strongly recommended.

The University of Michigan requires three total letters of recommendation, which must be uploaded directly to the CAAPID application by the evaluators. Letters sent directly to the Office of Admissions are not accepted. All letters must be on official letterhead and signed by the evaluator. Letters should consist of:

  • One dean’s letter - A letter written by the dean of the applicant’s dental school is required and must be signed and on official letterhead.
  • Two letters of choice - The remaining two letters should be from instructors or similar individuals who are able to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge, skill, character, and potential for success in the program. These letters must also be signed and on official letterhead.

All letters must be confidential, and applicants should waive their right to access them. Letters that are recent (written within the last two years) are more competitive. Additional letters beyond the three in CAAPID will not be accepted.

Applicants are required to pay a $75 nonrefundable supplemental application fee directly to the University of Michigan. This fee is separate from any payments made to CAAPID and can only be made online via credit or debit card. Checks, money orders, and payments over the phone are not accepted. This payment should be made at the time of the CAAPID application submission.

Download ITDP Requirements Checklist