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You are eligible to take the NBDE part I after you have completed the Fall Term of your D2 year. The earliest that you may register to take the exam is the end of December, only if all D2 Fall Term grades have been posted.

Go to the ADA website to register

Once you register, which includes paying the $420.00 fee, please email the Registrar to let them know because they have to login into their website and “approve” your request to take the exam (in order to verify that you are eligible to take the exam). Once your request is approved (eligibile), you should receive an email from the ADA indicating that you may schedule your exam date with Prometric (the testing site).

If you try to register for the exam prior to the end of December, we will not be able to approve your eligibility until all Fall Term grades are posted.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to review the NBDE part I information on the ADA website prior to registration and please review the NBDE part I Guide.

Taking the Board examinations is NOT an excused absence. According to our attendance policy, unexcused absences must be approved in advance by all your course directors and VIC director. It is especially important that you avoid scheduling your Board examination on a day that you have regularly scheduled classes or clinics, and especially those dates on which a test or examination is scheduled in a course.