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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Elizabeth A. Van Tubergen DDS, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics
School of Dentistry, Room 2064
University of Michigan
1011 N University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078

Major Responsibilities:

Course Director, First year preclinical courses DENT519/520
Course Director, Course Director, Advanced Operative for second year dental students DENT614
Course Director, Advanced Operative for second year dental students DENT614
Faculty in second year preclinic courses and DENT720/820, Comprehensive Care Clinic


Dr. Van Tubergen received her DDS in 2006 fro the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and a PhD degree in Oral Health Sciences in 2012 with a focus on head and neck tumor progression from the University of Michigan.

She began her teaching career in 2014 and has embraced educational research and continues to finish research projects from her PhD training.


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Updated on 01/02/2014