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U-M Dentistry Affiliated Travel


UMSoD Global Initiatives hopes that students, faculty, and staff traveling within the United States take care when planning their travels. UMSoD requires appropriate advanced notice for domestic travel that effects work or school obligations. Beyond this communication, no other requirements exist for domestic travel. The resources below are recommended and provided for your convenience

Aside from complying with University standards and requirements, those traveling within the United States are subject to the same set of laws and regulations that govern on the grounds of the School, which requires no further legal or medical preparations. However, ensuring that extra-scholastic programs and endeavors follow the same standards that are present at the school can be tedious. Please utilize the resources below to ensure both personal safety and well-being and professional compliance

Communication Requirements (Note: more than one designation may apply to you):



Travel often presents unique and substantial challenges, particularly for faculty, who are usually responsible for not only their own well-being, but that of their students and colleagues. Please utilize the resources below to help guide you through a safe and productive journey.

Group Leader

The entire process of traveling can be tedious, from flight booking to faculty clearance. Please utilize the resources below to make the entire travel process easier for you and those that depend on you.


Whether traveling down the street or into another hemisphere, researchers need to make sure to act in compliance with local regulations, laws, and cultures in addition to meeting university standards. Please utilize the resources provided to ensure productive ventures.


Students taking part in ventures affiliated with the University must follow the appropriate steps to ensure that their departure is recognized by the school and to cover all requirements for personal safety and well-being. Please utilize the resources below to ensure successful pre-travel preparations, safety while at your destination, and post-travel reporting.