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Research Day 2015

Ann Arbor, MI — February 17, 2015 — A dental student who is investigating how to use a patient’s own stem cells to correct large jawbone defects received a major award during the School of Dentistry’s annual Research Day program on Feb. 11.

Andrei Taut, a second-year dental student, received the ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program Award for his research on the safety and effectiveness of using adult stem cells to grow craniofacial tissues, primarily bone, in patients with large jawbone defects who also have missing teeth. 

“Using a patient’s own stem cells is a major advantage over using donor stem cells that may be rejected by the patient’s body,” Taut says.  In the case of large jawbone defects, this approach would enable the patient’s body to grow bone and fill in the defect allowing missing teeth to be replaced by implants thus restoring function and esthetics.  “This approach would also be considered for treating large skeletal defects of the head and neck due to disease, trauma and congenital disorders,” he adds.

Taut will participate in a research awards competition during the ADA’s Scientific Session in Washington, D.C. from November 6-8.

Following keynote remarks by Dr. Cun-Yu Wang, associate dean for graduate studies and chair of the Division of Oral Biology and Medicine at the UCLA School of Dentistry, 100 students presented posters about their research during the school’s annual program.  Below is a list of winners, their research projects and mentors.



Andrei Taut (D2, Mentors: William Giannobile, Darnell Kaigler)
Bone Tissue Engineering of Maxillary Sinus Bone Deficiencies Using Enriched CD90+ Stem Cell Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Dental Hygiene

First Prize
Jaimee Bilk and Sally Ammar
(DH4, Mentor: Martha McComas)
Dental Students’ Perspectives of Dental Hygiene Peer Teaching: An Exploration

Second Prize
Lauri Cladera and Rachel Swanson
(DH4, Mentor: Darlene Jones)
Oral Health Education in Long-Term Care Facilities

Third Prize
Stephanie Denn and Jessica Cordell (DH4, Mentor: Susan Taichman)
Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Diets: Implications for Oral Health

Undergraduate, DDS, DH, MS/Certificate - Clinical Application and Technique

First Prize (TIE)
Carlos Garaicoa
(MS/Certificate, Mentor: Rogerio Castilho)
Epigenetic Deregulation of Periodontal Diseases

First Prize (TIE)
Patrick Johnson, Trevor Allen, Allison Everett, Ryan Olzack
(D3, Mentor: Christy Jen)
Educating Head Start Personnel About Their Students’ Oral Health: A Program Evaluation

Second Prize
Kyle Katynski
(D3, Mentor: Hsun-Liang Chan)
Educating Dental Students about Implant Surgery with Videotaped Educational Materials

Third Prize
Jessica Delgado
(D4, Mentor: Marita Inglehart)
Dental Students and Dentists' Leadership-Related Perspectives, Educational Experiences and Attitudes

Undergraduate, DDS, DH, MS/Certificate - Basic Science and Research

First Prize
Jacob Williams
(D4 Mentor: Jacques Nör)
STAT3 Regulates the Vasculogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Second Prize (TIE)
Adam Banda
(Undergraduate, Mentor: Yvonne Kapila)
Glutamic Acid and Glutaminolysis Mark Aggressive Tumorigenesis in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Second Prize (TIE)
Eunsohl Lee
(Undergraduate, Mentor: Russell Taichman)
DNMT1 Participates in the Primary Prostate Cancer Metastasis by Associating with Transition to Cancer Stem Cells and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Third Prize
Joe Nguyen
(D1, Mentor: Paul Krebsbach)
Mammalian EAK-7 is Required for mTORC1 Signaling in Cancer

PhD/Postdoctoral Fellow/Faculty/Staff

First Prize
Xu Qian
(PhD Candidate, Mentor: Paul Krebsbach)
The Role of DPPA5 in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Self-Renewal

Second Prize
Megan Michalski (PhD Candidate, Mentor: Laurie McCauley)
IL-10 Directs Macrophage-Mediated Efferocytosis of Osteoblastic Cells

Third Prize
Qilin Wang
(Post Doctoral Fellow, Mentor: Petros Papagerakis)
The Circadian Molecular Clock Regulate Hair Follicle Regeneration by Affecting the Bulge Stem Cell