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School Hosts 11 International Visitors

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry recently hosted 11 visitors from Brazil, Mexico, Ghana and Saudi Arabia as a part of its Global Oral Health Initiatives Program.  There were 10 students and one professor in the group.

During their 10-day visit to Ann Arbor, representatives from each country talked to U-M students, faculty and staff about oral health education and conditions in their country and also offered insights about oral health practices and standards.  

The group visited classes and clinics at the School of Dentistry and also attended a vaccine symposium at the School of Public Health and another symposium on diabetes at the Kellogg Eye Center.  The visitors also traveled to the headquarters of the Michigan Dental Association in Okemos and to a dental lab in Westland.  Travel to Okemos and Westland was arranged by Dr. Ron Paler (DDS 1961), a regent of the U.S. section of the International College of Dentists. 

Dr. Yvonne Kapila, director of the school’s Global Oral Health Initiative, says connecting with colleagues from other parts of the world is critical to try to understand differences in approaches to oral health care education and delivery. She adds, “Every time I meet and talk to a new group of student visitors from other countries, I learn something new. I also realize how important it is for us to open our minds to try and see things from a global perspective. If we do, we will find ourselves richer and better for doing so.”

Posted November 25, 2014