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Global Initiatives in Oral & Craniofacial Health

Travel FAQs

Q: What should I do if I am interested in traveling abroad?
Follow this website, as it is designed to help UMSoD students, faculty, and staff plan their international travel. It is divided into General Information (applicable to all UMSoD members) as well as Specific Information (additional information for students, faculty/staff, group leaders, and researchers). Also, use your discretion in consulting additional resources beyond this website.
Q: What is “education-related” travel?
This includes travel that is through a Sponsored Student Organization(such as UMSoD led programs) or through a Voluntary Student Organization (such as student led programs). Examples include, but are not limited to: dental aid trips, research, internships/externships, conferences, research, presentations, and teaching.
Q: What are “UMSoD-Led Global Initiatives”?
A UMSoD-Led Global Initiative is a program coordinated by a Sponsored Student Organization (SSO). A SSO is a recognized student organization that has a substantial and formal relationship with a sponsoring University unit and exists pursuant to the guidelines established by the appropriate campus division of student affairs. An SSO must be sponsored by an executive officer, dean, or director of a major academic or operational unit and must have a mission that is consistent with the missions of the University and sponsoring unit. A sponsorship agreement between the student organization and the sponsoring University unit must be on file with the appropriate campus student activities office.
Q: What is “Student-Led Outreach”?
Student-Led Outreach programs are coordinated by a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO). A VSO is a recognized student organization that exists pursuant to the guidelines established by the appropriate campus division of student affairs. A VSO has access to certain University-controlled benefits and resources and is accountable to the University for legal compliance, fiscal responsibility, and adherence to established community standards.
Q: I have an idea for a new international trip that could be affiliated with the UMSoD. What should I do?
First, thoroughly read General Resources and Requirements as well as Specific Group Leader Resources and Requirements. Check the Global Michigan Interactive map for existing programs in these areas. With this information in hand, contact Dr. Carlos Gonzalez (Director of Global Initiatives) and Dr. Renée E. Duff (Assistant Dean for Student Services) for further directions.
Q: I am a UMSoD student OR FACULTY traveling abroad. Am I required to register using the University of Michigan Travel Registry?

Yes – if your travel is related to University business or is related to your education (ie externship or dental aid trip).

Q: How do I check travel warnings for my destination of interest?
Q: Does UMSoD provide financial support for students travel?
For most trips, students are responsible for their expenses. Select programs have some financial resources. Students in those programs will be notified if such funds are available.