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Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management

For further details, download pdf file: Conflict of Interest Disclosure and Management

School of Dentistry employee requirements
  • To disclose and manage any real or potential conflicts related to U-M position, including outside interests, conflict of interest, value and conflict of commitment
  • Basic rule:  If you or a close family member are involved in activities with an organization or person that might affect the decisions you make in your job, disclose the relationship and manage it!
How do I complete my disclosure?
  • Full time Faculty - Upon hire and annually, disclose your outside interests using M-Inform.
  • Staff and Part-time Faculty: Disclose your Conflict of Interest or Conflict of Commitment to your supervisor as soon as you are aware of it using the COI Disclosure Form.
  • Employees involved in research, regardless of title or effort, may also be required to disclose any conflicts of interest in eResearch.
When do I disclose?
  • Upon hire and annually thereafter
  • If there are substantial changes to the nature of the  activity.
What happens after disclosure?
  • Review to determine if there is a real or potential conflict of interest
  • Management plan detailing actions that must be taken in order to allow the activity to continue
  • Conflict of interest may be prohibited
Conflict of Interest Resources Decision Tree (Full Time Faculty)
Decision Tree (Adjunct Faculty)
Conflict of Interest Update (1/16)