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Sindecuse Museum

Donating Items


Making a Donation

Interested in making a donation to the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry? Please take a moment to provide us with information about your proposed donation on this form.

You can also contact the Curator by US mail, e-mail ( or phone (734-763-0767) to discuss your proposed donation. Only the Curator may accept historical items for the Museum collection. If you leave an item with other staff in the Dentistry Building without the involvement of the curator, there is no guarantee that those items will be accepted into the Museum collection or even acknowledged. Such items may be disposed of.

Make a descriptive list of the items you are offering
Take photos of the items you wish to donate so that they may be evaluated for addition to our collection. If you have a digital camera, this makes the process simple so you can attach the images to an e-mail message. Or, you may send a CD or prints in the mail along with the descriptive listing and historical information about who used the items. 

The history of the owner or user of the items helps us bring dental items "to life" for the Museum visitor. This information could make or break acceptance of an item into the Museum, so gather up any factual information about the original owner: name, place of use, dates of use, place of education, and any other interesting information about the original owner or their importance in their community.

Once a Gift is acceptable to the Museum
All gifts accepted by the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry become the property of the Museum, which reserves the right to determine the use and disposition of the gifts.  Materials accepted as gifts cannot be returned to donors, and the Museum does not guarantee all items added will be exhibited or retained permanently. A Museum Gift Agreement form transferring ownership must be signed as well as the Donor Tax-Deduction Questionaire and returned to the curator.

Appraisals of the Gift-in-kind
A gift-in-kind to the Sindecuse Museum may require a qualified appraisal should you seek an income tax-deduction. Seeking an appraiser and contracting their services is the responsibility of the donor. By law, the Museum may not appraise gifts nor participate in an appraisal. 

Instructions for donors seeking IRS tax-deduction
For those seeking an IRS tax-deduction, a “fair market value” must be entered on the Donor Tax-Deduction Questionaire that accompanies a gift agreement form. “Fair Market Value” is defined by IRS as “the price a willing, knowledgeable buyer would pay a willing, knowledgeable seller, when neither has to buy or sell”.

If your contribution is valued at more than $500 and you wish to take a Federal income tax-deduction, the Internal Revenue Service requires you to complete IRS Form 8283 (pdf) (instructions).  If your contribution is valued at more than $5,000 and you wish to take a Federal income tax-deduction, the Internal Revenue Service requires a qualified appraisal. Consult IRS publication 561: “Determining the Value of Donated Property.” If you obtain a qualified appraisal, please include a copy of that appraisal with your gift.