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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Clarkson Lab

Brian Clarkson Photo

Welcome to the Clarkson Lab


Brian H. Clarkson, BChD, MS, PhD

Lab Director

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of fluorapatite crystals
    We are investigating the effect of fluorapatite (FA) crystals synthesized in our laboratory for: use in tooth desensitizing pastes; as an addition to bleaching agents to prevent enamel surface softening and sensitivity; and grown on stainless steel and porcelain crowns as "enamel-like" coatings.
  • Synthesis of fluorapatite coatings for implants
    Cellular and molecular studies are on-going to investigate the effects of the FA crystals grow-on metal surfaces as coatings for implants.  These crystals can also be mixed with suitable matricies and used in alveolar ridge augmentation and repair of boney defects.
  • Use of nano-polymers (dendrimers) for control of wound healing
    We are studying the use of dendrimers (nano artificial proteins) functionalized with; cell attachment sequences, anti-inflammatories, vascular inducing molecules etc. attached to the FA coated implant surfaces to enahance, accelerate and control wound healing and boney integration of implants.
  • "Growing" the crown of a tooth
    Stainless steel crowns coated with the FA crystals on their fitting surfaces are being "filled" with a matrix plus dental pulp stem cells to produce a dentin / enamel complex in the shape of the corwn of a tooth.

Lab Team

Harrison Chang photo

Harrison Chang, BS, MS
Research Lab Specialist Inter

Jun Liu photo

Jun Liu, MS, PhD
Assistant Research Scientist


Ting Guo
Visiting Research Scholar, China


Yunpeng Li
Visiting Research Scholar, China

Recent Publications

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  2. Liu J, Jin TC, Chang S, Czajka-Jakubowska A, Zhang Z, Nör JE, Clarkson BH.  The effect of novel fluorapatite (FA) surfaces on osteoblast-like cell adhesion, growth and mineralization. Tissue Eng Part A. 16(9):2977-2986, 2010.
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updated: 03/17/2014