Flow Cytometer

Accuri C6 Flow Cytometers, CFlow® Software and Workstation PC supply aAccuri C6 Flow Cytometerll the capabilities of a full-featured flow cytometer at a fraction of the price of the market leading systems. The C6 system includes blue and red lasers, four color detectors and both forward and side scatter detectors plus software that is so intuitive that you will typically be up and running within an hour.

The C6 fits most your current reagents and protocols. It has a fully digital data collection system, allowing post-collection data analysis.

Accuri C6 Flow Cytometers Specifications

  1. Two laser excitation:
  • 488nm diode laser: excites FITC, GFP, PE, PerCP, PerCp-Cy 5.5 & PI 
  • 640nm diode laser: excites APC
  1. Two scattered light detectors:
  • Forward scatter (FSC)
  • Side scatter (SSC)
  1. Four fluorescent emission detectors:

FL1 530+/-15nm (FITC/GFP) 

  • FL2 585+/-20nm (PE/PI) 
  • FL3 >670nm (PerCP-Cy5.5,PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7)
  • FL4 675+/-12.5nm (APC)