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Looking to the Future: Health Professions Education

Ann Arbor, MI — October 6, 2015 — Educational scholars, practitioners, researchers and students from across the U-M campus shared best practices and discussed opportunities for future collaboration and innovation in educating health professionals during the first Health Professions Education Day held September 16 at the Michigan League.

“The program was a sign of many changes already at work across the health sciences where we are working to become more collaborative, not only in our research, but also in our education to improve the health of our patients, our communities and our world,” said Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, associate dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Dentistry.  One of eight panelists, Murdoch-Kinch is vice-chair of the Executive Committee for the Center for Interprofessional Education - a committee composed of colleagues from the College of Pharmacy, the Medical School, and Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, and Kinesiology.

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, talked about the importance of transparency within the research community and how health care practitioners can act to ensure that professionalism remains intact.

HPE Day also included poster presentations, nine from School of Dentistry students and faculty.  Click here to view photos on the school’s Flickr site.

Dental student Logan White was impressed with the program.  “As health care professionals, we have a responsibility to look out for the public.  Interprofessional teamwork will help us achieve that goal in the future,” he said.