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CRSE Staff Appreciation Day

Faculty and staff of the Graduate General Dentistry Clinic held a Team Appreciation Day September 23.

To celebrate the 64th year of the graduate clinic programs, “Team 64” spent the first quarter of the day touring the facilities at the Big House and Crisler Arena. 

As the primary dental providers for U-M athletes, this was a great opportunity to interact with the athletic training staff in their environment.  It also provided better perspective about the day-to-day experiences of many U-M athletes.

The second quarter was spent meeting with some of the athletic training staff and touring facilities at Schembechler Hall. 

Halftime featured lunch at the Gandy Dancer restaurant. 

The third quarter included a tour of the laboratory of Dr. Bill Sanders in the Ruthven Museums Building adjacent to the dental school.  Bill is chief vertebrate preparator and assistant research scientist at the Museum of Paleontology and an adjunct assistant research scientist in anthropology at the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Team 64 saw how many of the tools and processes used in anthropology specimen collection and preservation were similar to those used in dentistry.

The fourth quarter closed with a tour of exhibits at the Natural Science Museum. 

It was a great day, a victorious day for Team 64.   The day-in, day-out efforts and contributions of everyone responsible for the continued success of the programs in the Graduate General Dentistry Clinic were recognized and celebrated.  All of us are victors!

Thanks to the staff

Mary Grace Ash, Theresa Brown, Anja Buschhaus, Karen Corey, Jennifer Crist, Nancy Damberg, Susan Douglas, Lisa Engel, Lisa England, Erin Kersh, Gary Mora, Danielle Nelson, Jolene O'Donohue, Liz Rassel, Angela Reau, Amanda Terrazas, Jayne Yoder.

...and to the faculty

Dr. Joe Dennison, Dr. Dennis Fasbinder, Dr. John Heys, Dr. Gisele Neiva.