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U-M Periodontics Wins Major Awards

Presented at American Academy of Periodontology's Centennial Meeting

Ann Arbor, MI — October 7, 2014 — The work of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry’s Periodontics Program was acknowledged during the recent 100 year anniversary of the American Academy of Periodontology in San Francisco.  Educators received four major awards for articles published in scientific journals and clinical research initiatives.

William Gies Award

Dr. William Giannobile, chair of the Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, received the William Gies Award for outstanding contributions to the field of periodontology.  Giannobile was recognized for making “major contributions to research and practice that have advanced clinical application of growth factors and stem cells in oral and periodontal reconstruction.”  His scientific contributions in other areas, including salivary diagnostics, were lauded, as was his research which has been published in “multiple high-impact journals, both in dentistry and medicine.”

Previous recipients of the award from the U-M School of Dentistry include Dr. Laurie McCauley (2010), Dr. Raul Caffesse (1989) and Dr. Sigurd Ramfjord (1971).  The award was presented by the William Gies Foundation for the Advancement of Dentistry of the American Dental Education Association. 

Clinical Research Award

A Giannobile-led research team also received the Clinical Research Award.  Sponsored by Quintessence Publishing, the award is presented for an outstanding scientific published article with direct clinical relevance to the practice of periodontics.

Giannobile’s team received the award for an article published in the Journal of Dental Research in August 2013, “Patient Stratification for Preventive Care in Dentistry.”  His clinical study of 5,117 patients demonstrated that using personalized medicine, based on individual risk factors, can be considered when oral health care providers decide how many times annually a patient should receive routine oral health care. 

The study was conducted at the Michigan Center for Oral Health Research (MCOHR), which Giannobile directed from 2003 to 2012.  It’s the second time his research group received the award.

Robinson Periodontal Regeneration Award

Giannobile’s MCOHR team also received the Earl Robinson Periodontal Regeneration Award for an article published in a scientific journal on periodontal regeneration in basic or clinical science.  It was the fourth time his research group received the award.

The article Giannobile co-authored appeared in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Periodontal Research.  Several clinics, including those at U-M, showed how regenerative growth factors could stimulate bone and soft tissue formation in patients with periodontal disease.  The results of this study are now being applied in clinics.

Balint Orban Memorial Research Award

Dr. Ebone’ Jordan (DDS 2010, MS 2014) won the Balint Orban Memorial Research Award for her clinical research into the effect of vitamin D on oral surgery.  She discovered that patients with vitamin D deficiency experienced less soft tissue healing and less bone gain around their teeth after undergoing periodontal surgery than those with adequate vitamin D levels.  She was mentored by Dr. Jill Bashutski, clinical assistant professor, in the Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine.

Jordan is the fourth person in the U-M Graduate Periodontics Program to win the award in the last eight years.  Recent winners were: Dr. Thiago Morrelli (2010), Dr. Jill Bashutski (2009), and Dr. Jill Rogers Doan (2007).