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Dental Hygiene

Degree Completion On Campus: Curriculum

A total of 120 semester hour credits is required for completion of the Degree Completion Program. Sixty (60) semester hour credits from an entry- level dental hygiene program will be applied. Students must complete 60 semester hours beyond their dental hygiene education. For individuals who graduated from a dental hygiene program at an institution other than the U-M, a maximum of 24 credit hours can be given as transfer credit, with the remaining 36 hours taken in residency at the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus. For U-M alumnae/i, a maximum of 45 semester hours is transferable, and the last 15 hours must be taken in residency. Each student's transcript will be individually evaluated to determine proper credits. We recommend that prospective students contact us early to do so.

Within the U-M in-residency credit hours, students must take 15 credit hours of dental hygiene core courses. The remaining credit hours can be selected from a list of suggested courses to enhance individual educational goals and interests.

Required courses for the on-campus Degree Completion Program include statistics, research methods, public health/community, and scientific writing.