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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Ritchie Lab

Helen Ritchie Photo

Welcome to the Ritchie Lab

Helena Ritchie, MS, PhD
Associate Professor

Ritchie Profile

Research Interests

Research scope is focused on dentin sialoprotein (DSP) and phosphophoryn (PP).  Current research areas include DSP-PP gene regulation, DSP-PP precursor protein processing, and DSP/PP functional roles during tissue development.

Recent Publications

  1. Tang XN, Zhu YQ, Marcelo CL, Ritchie HH.  Expression of mineralized tissue associated proteins: Dentin sialoprotein and phosphophoryn in rodent hair follicles. J Dermatological Science Nov; 64(2):92-98, 2011.
  2. Li LF, Zhu YQ, Jiang L, Peng WW, Ritchie HH.  Hypoxia promotes mineralization of human dental pulp cells. J Endod April; 37(6):799-802, 2011.
  3. Jiang L, Zhu Y, Du R, Gu YX, Xia L, Qin F, Ritchie HH. The expression and role of stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha-CXCR4 axis in human dental pulp. J Endod Aug; 34(8):939-944, 2008.
  4. Godovikova V, Ritchie HH.  Dynamic processing of recombinant dentin sialoprotein-phosphophoryn protein. J Biol Chem Oct 26;282(43):31341-31348, 2007.
  5. Liu J, Jin t, Chang S, Ritchie HH, Smith AJ, Clarkson BH. Maxtrix and TGF-beta-related gene expression during human dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) mineralization.  In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim Mar-Apr; 43(3-4):120-128, 2007.
  6. Lee YL, Lin FH, Wang WH, Ritchie HH, Lan WH, Lin CP. Effects of EDTA on the hydration mechanism of mineral trioxide aggregate. J Dent Res Jun;86(6):534-538, 2007.
  7. Lee YL, Liu J, Clarkson BH, Lin CP, Godovikova V, Ritchie HH.  Dentin-pulp complex responses to carious lesions. Caries Res 40(3):256-264, 206.
  8. Godovikova V, Li XR, Saunders TL, Ritchie HH.  A rta 8 kb dentin sialoprotein-phosphophoryn (DSP-PP) promoter directs spatial and temporal LacZ activity in mouse tissues.  Dev Biol Jan 15;289(2):507-516, 2006.


updated: 03/18/2014