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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Angiogenesis Lab - Research Personnel

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Jacques E. Nör, DDS, MS, PhD
Professor of Dentistry,
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and
Professor of Otolaryngology
Faculty Profile

Lab Team

Gerson Acasigua, DDS, MSc, Visiting Scholar, Brazil,

Gerson was invited to collaborate with Dr. Jacques Nör’s laboratory for a one year educational and cultural exchange starting September 2013. He will be collaborating on research in the area of dental pulp tissue engineering during his one year visit. Gerson graduated from Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil with a DDS (2007 Dentistry) and MSc (2011 Health Sciences / Dentistry) degrees. He is a PhD candidate at Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil in Oral Health Sciences. Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.


April Adams, PhD Student,

Moon-Kyoung Bae, MS, PhD, Visiting Scholar, South Korea

Dr. Bae is a Professor at the Pusan National University in the Department of Oral Physiology, School of Dentistry, South Korea. She is currently on a one-year sabbatical and will be collaborating on a research project which focuses on mechanisms involved in the differentiation of postnatal stem cells. She has been the recipient of awards for academic achievement and best research awards in South Korea. She speaks English and Korean.


Tatiana Botero, Clinical Associate Professor,


Sarah Burgin, Student,

Carolina Cucco, DDSs, MSc, Visiting Scholar, Brazil,

Carolina is a Brazilian PhD candidate in Endodontology. She joined Dr. Jacques Nör’s laboratory staff August, 2013 for a one year educational and cultural exchange between The University of Michigan Dental School and her home institution Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – PUCRS. She is collaborating with Dr. Nör on her PhD research project “Determination of dental pulp stem cell fate”. Speaks English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fluently.


Kelsey Finkel


Hong "Suny" Kim, PhD Student,


Daiki Mochizuki, MD, Visiting Scholar, Japan

Dr. Mochizuki received his degree from Kanazawa University School of Medicine in Japan. Currently on a two year leave from Hamamatsu University School of Medicine in Japan where he holds the position of an Otolaryngology Clinic Fellow. The research project focuses on the development of a new therapy for head/neck cancer. Speaks Japanese and English.

Min Oh, PhD Student,


Alexander Pearson, Student,

Gleyce Oliveira Silva, DDS, MSc, Visiting Scholar, Brazil,

She started her visiting scholar program July, 2013 with Dr. Nör’s laboratory. Gleyce a Brazilian Endodontic PhD candidate who is currently working on the development of a therapeutic strategy for dental pulp tissue engineering. She graduated from the Universidade Estadual Paulista-Unesp in Brazil with a DDS and a MSc in Endodontics. Speaks Portuguese and English.


Kristy Warner, PhD, Research Lab Specialist Lead,


Jacob Williams, DDS, Student,


Zhaocheng Zhang, PhD, MD, Research Lab Specialist Lead,