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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Lunch/Learn Seminars

2013-2014 CRSE (In-service) Seminars - CE credit given

April 30, 2014 "ETHICS: What faculty, students, and residents need to know?" - Review all the different ethical considerations (Research, Professional, Personal, ...), review the rules in place to manage those, and point out the challenges that exist. R Holland, M Fitzgerald, T Bauer, J Nör, H Ritchie
April 22, 2014 "INTERPROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (IPE): Where are we?" – Provide a review of the different systems in place nationally, the University of Michigan activities, and goals of the current School of Dentistry grant. M Fitzgerald, B Piskorowski, N Sweier, C González
February 27, 2014 "CTOOLS: New Lessons Learned" - Look at some of the new features of Ctools that might have broad application to CRSE course directors who are managing courses.  ME McLean, S Bayne, M Fitzgerald, D Chiego Jr, D Garcia
February 18, 2014 "EBD: Getting Up to Speed" - Reviewing teaching effort in DDS and graduate programs, and introduce ideas for getting up to speed in all the clinics.  N McDonald, G Neiva, J Vivas, M Peters, S Bayne
December 17, 2013 "Use of 3D-images in teaching" - There are two thrust here (a) generating good 3D images for presentations, and (b) learning to be able to manipulate them with rotation sor incorporating into 3D animations.  D Fasbinder, M Fitzgerald, Q Jin, G Krishnan, ME McLean
November 19, 2013 "Critical Analaysis of P/F grading pros and cons in classes and clinics" - Impacts on teaching styles, learning effectiveness, and competitiveness for graduate education.  T de Peralta, M Fontana, P Yaman, P Richards, T Botero, D Heys, B Veremis, CA Murdoch-Kinch
October 22, 2013 "Overview of "totally digital" workflows in dentistry" - what is the definition of "workflow" and how are the pieces digital managed to exempt one from all traditional laboratory or indirect processes.  G Neiva, R Heys, J Dennison, L Johnson, J Powers

2012-2013 CRSE (In-service) Seminars [CE credit given]

April 9, 2013 "Update in Use of Implants for Endodontics" - What are the current philosophies and what do we teach bout implants related to Endodontics?  N McDonald, R Holland, T Botero, T Bauer
March 5, 2013 "New Look at Caries as a Failure Mechanism for Restorative Dentistry" - While caries is reported more than anything else as the reason for failure in practice, there are quite different ideas about what is really going on.  S Bayne, M Fontana, D Sweier, J Dennison, P Yaman
February 5, 2013 "Non-Carious Cervical Lesions: Current Theories and Treatments" - This topic has bounced around for almost 15 years.  There are quite divergent views on it.  What is the current science and what do we teach?  ME McLean, M Peters, D Salazar, J Vivas, B Piskorowski, G Neiva
December 4, 2012 "Basic Science Teaching Moments in the Clinic" - What are examples of how we can do this in the new curriculum?  R Heys, C Gonzalez, Q Jin, D Chiego Jr, D Garcia, H Ritchie
November 13, 2012 "Cell and Molecular Biology for Novices" - What are the key things that all CRSE faculty should know about this topic and be reinforcing in classes or clinics?  J Nör, T Botero, T de Peralta, D Heys
October 23, 2012 "Report of PPT technology we are using in CRSE and ideas for more workshops" - M Fitzgerald, S Bayne, D Fasbinder, G Krishnan

2011-2012 CRSE (In-service) Seminars [CE credit given]

March 27, 2012 "PPT for Teaching and not Lecturing" - M Fitzgerald, S Bayne, D Fasbinder, G Krishnan
December 13, 2011 "Antibiotic Coverage for Patients with Implants" - R Holland, H Ritchie, D Chiego Jr, D Heys, T Bauer
December 6, 2011 "Update on Zirconia" - P Yaman, M Razzoog, D Fasbinder, G Neiva, J Vivas

2010-2011 CRSE (In-service) Seminars [CE credit given]

June 12, 2011 "Faculty Calibration" - Define the terms calibration, standardization, consensus, and justification as applied to faculty calibration.  Identify th emethod fo calibration in terms of categories of assessment, assessment scales, and levels of agreement.  Participate successfully in online clinical calibration exercises. - 
May 10, 2011 "Update on Occlusion Management in SoD" - Explain the current philosophy of occulsion in the School of Dentistry.  Describe how to assess patient symptoms for possible TMD therapy.  Describe when bitesplint therapy is indicated and contra-indicated. G Gerstner, P Yaman, D Fasbinder, J Vivas
April 12, 2011 "Update on BPA Controversy" - Define the controversy and the implications for dentistry.  Indicate the products used in dentistry that are synthesized using BPA monomer.  Explain the levels of BPA exposure and implications for dental patients.  S Bayne, J Dennison, R Heys, H Ritchie, D Chiego Jr
March 8, 2011 "Cone Beam CT" - Identify the latest recommended uses for cone beam CT.  Report the most recent levels of radiation epsource to patients.  Specify the major advantages and disadvantages for use of this technology in dentistry.  N McDonald, L Johnson, S Kapila, E Quintero, R Holland
February 8, 2011 "Review of ART materials" - Explain the terminology associated with ART and the original goals for the techniques.  Explain the popular uses for ART materials.  Identify the categories for restorative materials used and explain how they work.  M Peters, D heys, M Fontana, P Yaman
January 11, 2011 "Caries Removal" - Indicate clinical conditions where complete caries removal is not recommended.  Describe appropriate approaches for restoring extensively carious teeth. Describe proper protocols for treating remaining caries intentionally left in cavity preparations. M Peters, C Fenno, M Fonana, T Botero
December 7, 2010 "Digital-Dentistry Tutorial" - Define the terminology "digital dentistry" and indicate the clinical  operations that are involved. Explain the steps in collection and use of digital information in the fabrication of an all-ceramic crown.  Identify the advantages to the digital dentistry approach to dental practice.  D Fasbinder, R Heys, K Cook, G Neiva
November 9, 2010 "Caries Diagnosis" - Define and explain the steps involved in the ICDAS system.  Identify the challenges for caries diagnosis in terms of caries activity.  Indicate the problems with existing caries identification strategies and equipment.  C Gonzalez, ME McLean,  M Peters, M Fitzgerald, D Fasbinder
October 12, 2010 "Resin-based Sealants" - Overview of evidence in support of sealant indication.  Clinical technique.  Pro's and Con's of alternative clinical steps.  M Peters, M Fontana, M Fitzgerald, J Nör, J Boynton, M Wang
September 14, 2010 "Teaching evidence-based dentistry" - Explain the strong parallel of "evidence-based denitstry" to the scientific method.  Identify the levels of evidence that generally exists.  Provide reasons for the general lack of evidence for most dental deicisions and treatments.  W Sohn, G Taylor, S Bayne

2009-2010 Lunch & Learn Seminars

June 3, 2010 "Implants" - D Heys, G Neiva, B Piskorowski, M Razzoog, J Vivas, P Yaman
May 11, 2010 "Review of principles of tooth preparation for crowns" - D Fasbinder, M Fitzgerald, R Heys, ME McLean, M Peters, K Stoffers
April 27, 2010 "Tissue Engineering and Restorative Dentistry" - T Botero, B Clarkson, D Kohn, PX Ma, J  Nör
March 9, 2010 "Lasers in Dentistry" - D Heys, R Heys, D Fasbinder, S Stefanac
January 12, 2010 "Geriatric Dentistry" - D Fasbinder, M Fitzgerald, R Holland, D Sweier, G Taylor
November 10, 2009 "New prevention topics (Sealants, Infiltrants, F Update" - B Clarkson, C Gonzalez, M Peters, W Sohn, G Taylor
October 20, 2009 "H1N1" - M Fontana, G Neiva, H Ritchie, C Sedgley, S Stefanac, D Sweier
September 8, 2009 "Reviewing Manuscripts: The 1-Hour Review" - S Bayne

2008-2009 Lunch & Learn Seminars

June 9, 2009

"Risk Assessment" - M Fitzgerald, M Peters

June 3, 2009 "Clinical teaching management (reinforcement in clinics)" - N  Nör, H Ritchie, T Bauer, C Sedgley, D Sweier
May 6, 2009 "Caries diagnsis and classification (Revisted)" - M Peters, D Fasbinder, M Fitzgerald, B Clarkson
March 18, 2009 "Update on new resin chemistry (composites, cements,...)" - P Yaman, J Vivas, J Dennison, R Heys, G Neiva
March 4, 2009 "Waste management, FDA Regulation, BMP's" - S Bayne, ME McLean, D Heys, K Stoffers
February 18, 2009 "Diagnosis and treatment planning for restorative dentistry" - M Fitzgerald, ME McLean, D Fasbinder, B Piskorowski
January 7, 2009 "Liners and bases" - D Chiego Jr, N McDonald, M Fitzgerald, J  Nör, R Holland

2007-2008 Lunch & Learn Seminars

March 12, 2008 "Whitening (and Bleaching) of Teeth" - J Vivas, H Hasson, D Chiego Jr, W Sohhn, J Dennison, P Yaman
March 5, 2008 "Implants vs endodontic retreatment" - T Bauer, C Sedgley, N McDonald, T Botero, R Holland, B Piskorowski
February 13, 2008 "All-ceramic restorations" - D Fasbinder, J Vivas, G Neiva, B Piskorowski, D Heys
February 6, 2008 "Caries" - M Peters, B Clarkson, A Ismail, M Fitzgerald, D Heys, D Sweier, W Sohn
January 23, 2008 "Sealing caries" Part 2" - M Peters, B Clarkson, A Ismail, M Fitzgerald, D Heys D Sweier
January 16, 2008 "Caries diagnosis and tratment planning" - A Ismail, B Clarkson, W Sohn, D Sweier, C Sedgley
January 9, 2008 "Sealing Caries" Part 1" - M Peters, B Clarkson, A Ismail, M Fitzgerald, D Heys, D Sweier
November 14, 2007 "Temporization" - R Heys, K Stoffers, H Ritchie, J Dennison, H Hasson
November 7, 2007 "Scope of posterior composite use" - G Neiva, D Fasbinder, M Fitzgerald, S Bayne, J Dennison
October 24, 2007 "Use of pins, posts, and cores" - P Yaman, K Stoffers, T Bauer, H Ritchie, N McDonald
October 10, 2007 "Rubber dam usage in the clinics" - ME McLean, D Fasbinder, S Bayne, R Heys, T Botero