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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Graduate Restorative Dentistry - Past Residents


2013 Danika J. Downey, DDS Salivary Fluoride Concentration Following the Application of Three Different 5% NaF Varnishes.
2012 Daniela Garcia, DDS Polymerization shrinkage and depth of cure of three bulk fill flowable composite resins.
2011 Fahad I. Alkhudhairy, DDS The Effect of Irrigation Solutions on the Bond Strength of Cemented Fiber Posts.
2011 Matthew W. Chang, DDS Physical property evaluation of four composite materials.
2011 Wendy A Jativa-Delgado, DDS Analysis of Microflora Associated with Discolored Resin Margins with and without Carious Lesions.
2011 Daisy Salazar, DDS, MS Inorganic and Prepolymerized Filler Content Analysis of Four Resin Composites.
2011 James M. Thompson, DDS Transluency and Radiopacity of Five Resin composites.
2010 Gail Ann Krishnan, DDS Effect of Coping Design on the Fracture Resistance of Pressable Zirconia Core Ceramics
2010 Aikaterini Oikonomopoulou, DDS Marginal Integrity of IPS Empress Inlays and Onlays.
2010 Sahar Thaher Taha, DDS Enamel Paste in the Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity
2009 Qiming Jin, DDS PDGF Gene Therapy to Accelerate Dental Implant Osseointegration
2009 Pavitra Waikasetkorn, DDS Assessment of Physical Properties of Four Composite Resins.
2009 Irma Gavaldon, DDS Objective Oral Health, Self Perceived Oral Health, and Quality of Life of Migrant Farm Workers.
2009 Rodolfo Fernando Diaz, DDS The Effect of Cement Thickness on Retention and Fit of Different Post Systems.
2008 David Williams Jones, DMD Preservation of Prepolymerized Particles in Composite Filler Content Measurements.
2008 Tijen Lacin, DDS Clinical and Molecular Analysis of Sealed Carious Dentin.
2008 Di Jiang, DDS Identification and Characterization of MAPK Phosphorylation Sites in Runx2.
2008 Anthony Khoo, DMD A Clinical Evaluation of a Self-Etch, Self-Adhesive Resin Cement for Bonding Indirect All-Ceramic Restorations.
2008 J. Andres Ocampo, DDS Effect of Porcelain laminate Contour on Gingival Inflammation.
2007 Ilona Fotek, DDS   Effect of Coping Design on Fracture Resistance of All-Certamic Crowns.
2007 Alexandra Jaquery, DDS Implantation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells in a Biodegradable Scaffold for Dental Pulp Tissue Engineering.
2007 Moufida A. Khalife, DDS Clinical Evaluation of a Low diode Laser for Quantification of Dental Caries: In Vivo Study.
2007 Sahar Syoufjy Barbat, DDS A Patient Utility Analysis of Treatment Modalities for a Single Non-Vital Tooth.
2007 Sumant Ram, DDS The Effect of Nickel as a Barrier Plate for Gold Plated Copper.
2007 Vichulada Phunthikaphadr, DDS Vacular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Induction in Dental Pulp Cells by Bacterial Lipoteichoic Acid (LTA).
2007 Augusto Robles, DDS Clinical Evaluation of a Self-Etching Adhesive for All-Ceramic Indirect Restorations.
2006 Mohammed S. H. Bin-Shuwaish, DDS A Comparison of the Clinical Axial Extension of Class II Carious Lesions to Different Diagnostic Images.
2005 Pornpimoln Charakorn, DDS Effect of BMP-2, -4, and -7 on Dental Pulp Cell Survival Proliferation,and Cell Cycle.
2003 Marjorie Aleman, DDS Effect of AI2O2 Core on the Polymerization of a Resin Cement.
2003 Supriya Goverdhanam, DDS Correlation between Bruxing, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.
2003 Monica Hadechny Escobar, DDS Effect of Various Light Curing Systems on Composite Shrinkage.
2003 Preetha Panose Kanjirath, DDS A Patient Utility Analysis of Treatment Modalities for Replacing a Single Missing Tooth.
2003 Scott Kooistra, DDS A Comparison of the Radiographic and Clinical Extension of Class II Carious Lesions using an F-Speed Film.
2003 Charles I. McLaren, DDS Time-Dependent Fluoride Uptake into Dentin from a Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer.
2003 John Duncan McLaren, DDS The Effect of Post type and Length on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth.
2003 Micheline Leuterio Tanjutco-Park, DDS A Comparison of the Physical Properties of Four Resin Cements.
2003 Ernesto A. Villalobos, DDS Effect of Bitesplint Therapy on Blood Levels of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) on Bruxers and Non-Brux.
2002 Hanaa M. Al-Dohan, DDS Shear Strength of Core-Veneer Interface in Bi-Layered Ceramics.
2002 Abdullah Sulaiman A. Al-Swuailem, DDS The Effect of Curing Sequence on Shear bond Strength of Resin Cement to Dentin.
2002 María Gabriela Mantellini, DDS Effect of an Adhesive Resin on Dental Pulp Cell Apoptosis and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression.
2001 William Kevin Dancy, DDS Color Measurements as Quality Criteria for Clinical Shade Matching of Porcelain Crowns.
2001 Felipe A. Falcão, DDS Torque Required to Loosen Surface Treated Abutment Screws Before an d After Cyclic Loading.
2001 Marcela P. Jiménez Benavides, DDS Fracture Resistance and mode of Failure of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored with Fiber Reinforced Posts.
2001 Waletha Wasson, DDS Evaluation Criteria for the Color Appearance Match of Esthetic Restorative Materials with the Human Dentition – An Empeirical Analsysis and its Application to Dental Education.
2000 Regina M. Zajia, DDS Clinical Effectiveness of Bonded Amalgam Restorations for Cracked Tooth Syndrome.
1998 Paul Gorin Byers, DDS The Effects of Bur Design on Particle Size Distribution Generated by Amalgam Restorative Removal.
1998 Douglas Lawrence Eagan, DDS Plaque pH and Plaque Fluoride Measurements Adjacent to Fluoride Containing Tooth-Colored Restorative Materials.
1997 Olga A. Efstratopoulou, DDS Tensile Bond Strength of Four All-Ceramic Systems to Dentin.
1997 Elisabeth Koukopoulou, DDS Shade Matching with the use of the Intraoral Video Camera.
1997 Ricardo Salomón Seir Preschel, DDS Effect of Critical Time Plus Varying Light Intensities on Composite Resin Shrinkage.
1996 Wedad Yassin Awliya, DDS Shear Bond Strength of Resin Cements to a Densely Sintered AL2O3 Ceramic Material.
1996 Gisele de Faria Neiva, DDS Resistance to Fracture of Three All-Ceramic Systems.
1995 Abdullah Rashid Al-Barkhil, DDS The Color Properties of Glass Ionomers after Surface Coating.
1995 Tar-Chee Aw, DDS Comparison of a Human Expert to a neural Network in Grading of Amalgam Cavity Preparations.
1995 Rodrigo Sant’Anna A dos Reis, DDS A bi-Axial Flexure Fatigue Test for Microleakage of Dental Adhesives.
1995 Socratis Thomaidis, DDS The Effect of the Addition of Pigments on the Physical Properties of a High Expansion Magnesia Core.
1994 Tariq E. Al-Ali, DDS Effect of Lut6ing Cement and Shoulder Porcelain on the Fracture Resistance of All-Ceramic Crowns.
1994 Tauseel Ahmad Khan, DDS Evaluation of Calcium and Phosphorus Content of Vital and Endodontically Treated Teeth.
1994 Tahereh K. Mohammadi, DDS The effect of post-cure on the physical properties of composite resins.
1994 Somjin Ratanasathien, DDS Cytotoxic Effects of Dentin Bonding Components on Mouse fibroblasts.
1993 Henry L. Young, Jr., DDS Methodologies and Standardization of Measurements for Occlusal Wear in Composite Resins.
1993 James M. Strother, DDS Fluoride Release and Re-uptake in Tooth Colored Restorative Materials.
1992 Alison Oates, DDS Patient Decision making in Relation to Extensive Restorative Dental Treatment.
1992 Tomás J. Seif R. Odontólogo, DDS Dental Caries Prevalence and Mutans Streptococci in School Children from Caracas, Venezuela.
1992 Saqib Riaz Qazi, DDS Tooth color modification with porcelain laminates.
1992 Dina Agay Sarevnik, DDS Margin accuracy of indirect esthetic posterior inlays.
1991 Marcio Lima Grossi, DDS Three dimensional reconstruction of the muscles of mastication.
1991 James C. Ragain, Jr., DDS, Lieutenant Commander, Dental Corps, United States Navy The effects of retention pin design and on retained core systems on dentinal damage.
1991 Phanomporn Veerasarn, DDS Short-term variability of spectral parameters of the electroencephalograms in the relaxed state of young adults.
1990 Gary Hildebrandt, DDS The Clinical Evaluation of Slow-Release Chlorhexidine Mouth Guards on Levels of Streptococcus Mutans in Saliva.
1990 Thorsteinn Sch. Thorsteinsson, DDS Photoelastic stress analysis of four different prefabricated posts for endodontically treated teeth.
1990 Juo-Song Wang, DDS Force-time breakage characteristics of food.
1990 Mark D. Zahn, DDS Bleeding upon Probing and Mobility used as Predictors of Attachment Loss in Treated Periodontal Disease: A Retrospective Study. (Interdempartmental-Operative Dentistry and Periodontics).
1989 Casimir Leknius, DDS Pharmacologic effects on the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction as quantified by the pantographic reproducibility index (PRI).
1989 Paul M. Wiley, DDS Evaluation of Cervical Retention in Class V composite Restorations Using a New Dentin Adhesive.
1988 Jung-Chan Chang, DDS The effects of lateralization of the tongue on jaw opening movement in man.
1988 Ghalia Kayali Katranji, DDS Margin integrity of three porcelain crowns.
1988 Jackson B. Linger, DMD Color matching and shade selection for porcelain dental restorations.
1988 Wantanee Mutirangura, DDS Computer-analysis of the cross-correlation of the bilateral jaw elevator activity during controlled submaximal clenching.
1988 Hock-Hin Tay, DDS Laboratory simulation of Microleakage in Class 5 Composite Resin Restorations.
1988 Carlos O. C. Trindade, DDS Fit evaluation of a castable ceramic material in intracoronal restorations.
1988 Jen-Chyan Wang, DDS Quantitative evaluation of proximal contacts in class 2 composite resin resorations: A clinical study.
1988 Ernest C. Wong, DDS The development of a computer-assisted program for diagnosis and treatment planning of extensively restorative patients.
1987 David Lawrence Aitken, DDS The relationship between occlusal interferences and graphic tracings of mandibular movement.
1987 Ronald P. Knoll, DDS A comparative study of two methods commonly employed for centric registrations.
1987 You-Sik Lee, DDS Classification, code an data-base storage of signs and symptoms of TMJ dysfunction for the creation of disease profiles.
1987 Neil L. Matthews, DDS The influence of central bearing surface incline angles on the reproducibility of graphic tracings of mandibular movmeents.
1987 Peter E. Shumaker, DDS The prevalence of TMJ dysfunction (PRI) in restored patients.
1987 Steve W. Wallace, DDS Axial tooth movement resulting from occlusal loading.
1986 Samer G. Dirani, DDS The effect of Biofeedback on TMJ Dysfunction as determined by Pantronic PRJ.
1986 Michell Joseph Greenberg, DDS Diagnosing TMJ clicking using pantographic tracings recorded at tooth contact.
1986 Shufang A. Lai, DDS Patients’ perceptions of limited jaw function.
1986 Francis J. Maly, DDS The prevalence of temporomandibular joint dysfunction in a private restorative practice as determined by the Pantronic PRI.
1986 Stanley J. Nelson, DDS Masticatory dysfunction index: design and initial clinical evaluation.
1986 Kenneth Stoffers, DMD Prophy-Jet: Effect of Finish and Plaque Retention (Interdepartmental-Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials).
1986 Michael Tyler, DDS Comparison of In Vitro and In Vivo Bond Strengths for a Glass Ionomer Cement.
1985 Shu-Ing Chi, DDS Silent period and muscle phasic vibration.
1985 David J. Huyser, DDS Transcutaeous electrical nerve stimulation in patients with TMJ muscle pain dysfunction.
1985 Christopher L. Keall, DDS Quality assessment of complex restorative procedures.
1985 Seok-Hoon Ko, DDS Pantronic recordings of articulator settings.
1985 Emeric Lazar, DDS Porcelain jacket crowns constructed using a modified platinum foil technique and high-expansion core material.
1985 John Anthony Payne, DDS The effects of EGS therapy on muscle dysfunction as determined by the Patronic PRI.
1985 Lloyd J.J. Searson, DDS A pantographic evaluation of patients with clicking temporomandibular joints (deranged disks).
1985 Kevin M. Sloan, DDS Evaluation of etched metal resin-bonded posts: tensile testing.
1985 Richard C. Vinci, DDS Stability of Proximal Relationships in Class 2 Composite Resin Restorations: A Clinical Study.
1984 Keith D. Alpine, DDS A pantographic evaluation of temporo mandibular joint dysfunction in patients being treated with fixed restoration.
1984 Hana K. Al-Hasson, DDS The immediate effect of the occlusal bite splint on the electromyographic silent period and latency parameters.
1984 Graeme P. Bloxham, DDS Surface Preparation and Interfacial Morphology in Bonding to Dentin Scanning Electron Microscope Study.
1984 Gordon K. Jones, DDS A Quantitative Evaluation of the Floss Test for Proximal Contact Strength.
1984 Josef N. Kolling, DDS/Richard Bengt Price, DDS Comparision of mechanical and electronic pantographic systems using articulator generated occlusal tracings.
1984 J. Craig Passon, DDS The influence of the degree of adaptation of a matrix band on the adaptation of amalgam to cavity margins.
1984 Reynaldo Todescan,Jr. DDS Evaluation of the effects of rotary instrument design on internal line angles of cavity preparations and enamel rod direction relative to different concepts of cavity design.
1984 Christos C. Vlachos, DDS Silent period response of jaw closing muscles in healthy and dysfunctional young adults at different jaw positions induced by bite plane splint.
1984 Raul A. Zajia, DDS The Effects of Early and Delayed Finishing and Polishing of Amalgam Restorations on Gingival Health.
1983 Nicholas J. Capp, DDS Effect of occlusal splint therapy and techniques of centric relation registration in T.M.J. dysfunction patients.
1983 Kirk Donaldson, DDS A study comparing mandibular movements as recorded by the Stuart and Denar pantographs.
1983 Mark Fitzgerald, DDS Clinical and Histological Evaluation of Life®, Dycal® and Cavitec® in Conservative Pulpal Therapy
1983 William A. Gregory, DDS An evaluation of proximal tooth stability during placement of class 2 amalgam restorations.
1983 Herman K. Kupeyan, DDS A study of TMJ dysfunction as related to orthograthic surgery: a pantographic analysis.
1983 Edward B. Mandel, DDS Evaluation of a glass ionomer restoration to treat hypersensitive cervical anatomic deficiencies.
1983 Brock C. Miller, DDS Sensibility of Teeth having Based Versus Non-based Amalgam Restorations: A Clinical Study.
1983 Michael P. Molvar, DDS Quality assessment of amalgam and inlay restorations on posterior teeth: A retrospective study.
1982 Maxwell H. Anderson, DDS Comparison of digital and optical criteria used for detecting sound dentin.
1982 Sun-Long Chou, DDS Effect of occlusal contacts and thickness of athletic mouthguards on the silent period duration during exertion.
1982 Marie-Agnes G. Gale, DDS An evaluation of the castability of base metal alloys using an unconventional sprue design.
1982 Ronald C. House, DDS Gingival response to impregnated retraction cords.
1982 Thomas Doyle Hughes, DDS Gingival tissue response to the prefabricated laminate veneer restoration.
1982 Aristidesw Serracin de Leon, DDS A comparison of physical properties and handling characteristics of high gold, low gold and technic alloy for preclinical castings.
1982 Harris Sidelsky, DDS A study of joint sounds and establishment of a TMJ dysfunction free population PRI).
1982 Jose M. Gomez-Velutini, DDS The importance of the thickness of the porcelain fused to metal on the selected shade.
1982 Wayne E. Walcott, DDS/Ann M. Walcott, DDS Cohesive Gold Alloy: a retrospective clinical evaluation and invitro evaluation of condensation, finishing and corrosion.
1981 Kenneth E. Carpenter, DDS Qualitative assessment of restorations at varying time intervals.
1981 Thomas L. Danos, DDS Computer graphic assessment of articulator end control factors.
1981 C. Michael Hellie, DDS Quantitative evaluation of proximal tooth movement effected by wedging: a pilot study.
1981 G. William Knight, DDS/Lawrence S. Marchelya, DDS The effect of Dycal ®on bacterial metabolism and viability in deep carious lesions.
1981 J. J. Luc Monday, DDS Tensile strength comparison between presoldered and postsoldered joints.
1981 Gary Sasaki, DDS Wear of interim acrylic materials.
1981 Christopher W. Storey, DDS A study of the symptoms of mandibular dysfunction using occlusal splint therapy, pantographics, and electromyography.
1981 Terry R. Walton, DDS Thermal expansion coefficient mismatch and resultant thermal stress development in porcelain fused to metal speciments.
1980 Joseph E. Giles, DDS Effect of immediate finishing and polishing on Tytin®amalgam restorations evaluated by an in-situ replication technique.
1980 Norberto Perez-Montes, DDS Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a pantographic evaluation, in patients waiting for fixed restorations.
1980 Nancy Urquiola, DDS Quantitative Evaluation of Clinical Wear of Posterior Composite Resin Restorations.
1979 Lewis J. Abrahams, DDS1979 Remineralization of demineralized human tooth enamel: a pilot study.
1979 Dennis R. Fairbourn, DDS Effect of improved Dycal® and IRM® on bacteria in deep carious lesions.
1979 Roberto Garcia, DDS Gingival tissue response to restoration of deficient cervical contours using a glass-ionomer material.
1979 Roohollah Golestaneh, DDS A scanning electron microscope study of marginal distortion in porcelain fused to metal restorations.
1979 Terry L. Gould, DDS Bacterial turnover in artificial occlusal fissures in vivo.
1979 Karl A. Lederman, DDS An epidemiological study of TMJ dysfunction recorded by the pantograph (PRI) in restored (fixed) cases.
1979 Derek Nelson, DDS Chroma sensitivity of a simple colorimeter to ceramic pigments.
1979 Yuh-Yuan Shiau, DDS The effect of the bite plane splint on mandibular position of bruxers.
1979 Patrick F. Simonet, DDS The influence of TMJ dysfunction on Bennett movement as recorded by a modified pantograph and on condylar position as measure on TMJ x-rays.
1978 Charles C. Beard, DDS The effects of Occlusal splint therapy on the incoordinated movements of TMJ dysfunction as recorded by the pantograph.
1978 Lawrence W. Blank, DDS The gingival response to well finished composite resin restorations.
1978 Henry Brandau, DDS A Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Glaze Materials with Conventional Finishing for Composite Resin Restorations.
1978 James D. Douglass, DDS The dynamic response of brainstem units to Jaw Rotation in the cat.
1978 Carl C. Eckhardt, DDS A Clinical Evaluation of Temporary Adhesive Resin Bonded Anterior Acrylic Bridges.
1978 Farhad Hadavi, DDS A Study of Gingival Response to Polished and Unpolished Amalgam Restorations.
1978 Douglas A. Hock, DDS Impact of resistance of posts and cones.
1978 Leopold Klausner, DDS A Comparison of Polished Versus Glazed Porcelain Surfaces.
1978 Ralph Leung, DDS Effect of Dycal® on bacteria in deep carious lesions.
1978 Francis J. Robertello, DDS Examiner variability in determining clinical serviceability of amalgam restorations.
1978 Nizar N. Mansour, DDS A self-consistent method for measuring electromyographic silent periods.
1978 Thomas L. Ziemiecki, DDS Enamel rod direction as related to concepts of basic cavity design.
1977 Robert W. Brodbelt, DDS A comparion of translucency in dental porcelains relative to human enamel.
1977 William B. Butler, DDS An analysis of brain stem responses to temporo mandibular joint rotation in the cat.
 1977 James H. Howard, DDS A comparison of 3 Dental Amalgams and an investigation of their working times.
1977 Bernard M. Kitschenberg, DDS The significance of the Bennett movement as a border movement: its pantographic reproducibility under experimental conditions.
1977 Newell D. Miller, DDS The relationship of the pinledge preparation to tooth structure.
1977 James E. Voss, DDS A Study of Bonding Three Composite Resins to Enamel.
1976 Ali Alem, DDS Jaw position during swallowing and the effect of occlusal adjustment upon it.
1976 Arnold Baker, DDS Vertical base movement and occlusal force on a mandibular free end partial denture.
1976 Shakib E. Halabu, DDS Clinical evaluation of 3 electric pulp testers.
1976 Patrick J. Haney, DDS Margin adaptation of substitutes for Type II gold casting alloys.
1976 Merle J. Jaarda, DDS Pantographic transfer of hinge axis: effect on articular dictated cusp movement.
1976 Derrick J. Setchell, DDS Clinical estimation of condylar translation associated with non-coincidence of cenric relation and centric occlusion.
1976 John Ted Stevens, DDS The Response of Gingival Tissue to Polished and Unpolished amalgam Restorations.
1975 Luis Calatrava, DDS Clinical Evaluation of Roughness on Composite Resins Utilizing Surface Glazing Agents.
1975 Bruce J. Crispin, DDS The effect of occlusal bite splint therapy and occlusal adjustment therapy upon pantographc reproducibility.
1975 Gerard J. Dewe-Mathews, DDS Observations of graphic tracings of functional mandibular movements.
1975 Donald R. Gratton, DDS / Peter Yaman, DDS A Self-Polmerizing Composite as a Tooth Replacement System.
1975 Donald Ray Heys, DDS/ Ronald Jay Heys, DDS / Wendal Allen Racette A histological evaluation of ten restorative compounds.
1975 Lennart H. Lofstrom, DDS A comparison of the castability and burnishability of alternative alloys to type III dental gold: an SEM study.
1975 Ayoub Pahlavan, DDS Penetration of Unfilled and Composite Resins into Acid-etched Human Enamel.
1975 Thomas D. Pullen, DDS Tactile assessment of margin facsimile discrepancies.
1975 James M. Shields, DDS Mandibular border movements, pantograph reproducibility, used to detect temporomdibular joint dysfunction.
1975 Ralph George Silvey, DDS The effect of condylar inclination on the occlusal orphology of an estimated first molar area: an articulator study.
1975 Theodore F.K. Wong, DDS Predicting and quantifying changes of condylar positions from centric relation to centric occlusion by the pantograph and an articulator model.
1974 Harry R. Pape Jr., DDS Effect on Streptococcusmutans of titanium tetrafluoride in amalgam restorations.
1972 Gene Holland, DDS Some Effects on the Constituent Phases of Dental Amalgam Induced by Corrosion.
1972 Thomas J. Rea, DDS Human variance in adjusting a fully adjusted articulator by means of a pantograph.
1972 Joel M. Zahler, DDS The practicability of achieving a coincidence of centri occlusion with centri relation in occlusal rehabilitation.