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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Graduate Endodontics - Past Residents

2013 Matthew G. Healy, DDS, MS Comparison of the Success and Survival Rates of Implant Supported Crowns and Endodontically Treated Teeth: An Updated Systematic Review.
2013 Art Lamia, DDS, MS Cellular aging significantly promotes CEMP1 expression in a  STRO-1+ enriched PDL cell population.
2013 Brandon Rogers, DDS, MS Thesis:  Anesthetic efficacy of articaine vs lidocaine as supplemental infiltration after unsuccessful IANB of irreversible pulpitis in mandibular molars
2013 Robert Schneider, DDS, MS The Effect of White Mineral Trioxide Aggregate on Migration, Proliferation, and Odontoblastic Differentiation on Stem Cells from the Apical Papilla.
2012 Vincent DeNitto, DDS Efficacy of Audiovisual Distracting in the Reduction of Dental Anxiety During Endodontic Treatment.
2012 Christopher Sadler, DDS The distribution of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 1 and Stomal Cell Derived Growth Factor 1 alpha in response to carious lesions.
2011 Turki Alhazzazi, DDS, PhD
Sirtuin-3 (SIRT3), A Novel Potential Therapeutic Target for Head and Neck Cancer.
2011 Alireza Aminlari, DDS STRO-1 and CEMP1 as Potential Markers to Identify Pre-Cementoblasts.
2011 Nils E. Danielson, DDS, MS
Development and Characterization of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Containing Scaffolds for Dental Pulp Tissue Engineering.
2011 Jeffrey Dzingle, DDS The association of pulp stones with cardiovascular disease.
2011 Eduardo Ghaname, DDS Effect of Bisphosphonates and PTH-Fit-3 on hematopietic cells.
2011 Vora Viraj, DDS Growth and Dissemination of Endodontic Knowledge.
2010 Ryan Brandt, DDS Efficacy of Local Anesthetics in Clinical Dentistry: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
2010 Steven Z. Edlund, DDS, MS Qualitative evaluation of two gene therapy techniques for engineering bone growth around a blood vessel.
2010 Jorge Garcia, DDS Caries Induced FGF-2 Expression in Human Dental Pulp.
2009 Claire Quinlan, DDS Gene Expression analysis in dental pulp stem cells seeded in a tooth slice-scaffold device.
2008 Behad Gharagozloo, DDS -
2008 Jeremy Kott, DDS -
2008 Eoin Mullan, DDS Effect of VEGF on the Revascularization of Severed Human Dental Pulps
2007 Mauricio Chavarriaga, DDS -
2007 Jason Duggan, DDS Biofilm formation of oral and endodontic Enterococcus faecalis.
2007 Joseph Son, DDS MAPK signaling is required for LPS-induced VEGF in pulp Stem cells.
2006 Clay Dietz, DDS -
2006 Erika Johnson, DDS Coaggregation interactions between oral and endodontic Enterococcus faecalis and bacterial species isolated from persistent apical periodontitis.
2006 Donald Nguy, DDS The influence of canal curvature on the mechanical efficacy of root canal irrigation in vitro using real-time imaging of bioluminescent bacteria.
2006 Nahid Roghani, DDS -
2006 Joseph Suffridge, DDS -
2005 Tatiana Botero, DDS -
2005 Kenneth Falk, DDS The influence of preparation size on the mechanical efficacy of root canal irrigation in vitro.
2005 Erlyn Hernandez, DDS Effect of ProRoot MTA mixed with chlorhexidine on apoptosis and cell cycle of fibroblasts and macrophages in vitro.
2005 Heidi Korn, DDS -
2005 Edward Mack, DDS -
2005 Kimberly Melegari, DDS Prostanglandin E2 production and viability of cells cutured in contact with freshly mixed endodontic materials.
2005 Christine Sedgley, DDS -
2005 Ryan Soden, DDS, MS Expression of TLR2 and Proangiogenic Signaling mediated by the P13K-Akt pathway in Odontoblast-like Cells.
2004  Sasan Moghaddame-Jafari, DDS Effect of ProRoot MTA on Pulp cell apoptosis and Proliferation in vitro.
2003 William Adams, DDS -
2003 Gary Keel, DDS -
2003 Mark Robinson, DDS -
2003 Ted Stowe, DDS The effects of chlorhexidine gluconate (0.12%) on the antimicrobial properties of tooth-colored ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate.
2002 Angela Dekock, DDS, MS -
2002 Michael G. Elasaad, DDS -
2002 Jeffrey Haag, DDS Phenotypic expression of CGRP following injury and repair in the dental pulp.
2002 David Koehn, DDS -
2002 Hongjiao Ouyang, DDS -
2002 Andrew Shur, DDS -
2001 Patricia Bauer, DDS -
2001 Brian J. Buurma, DDS Tissue engineering of the dental pulp.
2001 Philip Michaelson, DDS -
2001 Aric C. Smith, DDS Stress-induced host defense subversion: role of the 300 kDa adhesion protein of Fusobacterium nucleatum.
2001 Claudio Varella, DDS -
2001 Damon Westwood, DDS -
2000 Paul Gutt, DDS -
2000 Terrence Turner, DDS -
1999 Michael R. Bishop, DDS Immunohistochemical localization of the core protein of decorin in human reparative, circumpulpal, and developmental dentin.
1999 Todd Ester, DDS -
1999 John E. Galsterer, DDS -
1999 David Landwehr, DDS -
1999 Amir Sarkaradeh, DDS -
1999 Gabe Sim, DDS -
1998 Solaiman M.S. Al-Hadlaq, DDS Immunohistochemical assessment of pulpal inflammation.
1998 Mark Nearing, DDS -
1998 Lee Taito, DDS -
1997 Judy Boutrous, DDS -
1997 Matt Davis, DDS -
1997 Jeffrey J. Dwan, DDS Two dimensional photoelastic stress analysis of nickel titanium and stainless steel finger spreaders during lateral condensation.
1997 Juan Rodriquez, DDS -
1996 Donald G. Anderson, DDS Effects of 10% carbamide peroxide gel on human pulp tissue.
1996 Karl Keiser, DDS, MS The effect of Sensory and Autonomic Denervation on Pulpal Wound Healing.
1996 Rick Moore, DDS -
1996 Le Yen Thi O'Leary, DDS -
1996 Michael Sulfaro, DDS -
1995 Derek DeConinck, DDS -
1995 Ali Etemad-Moghadam, DDS Adherence, Phagocytosis and Oxidative Burst by Human Neutrophils and the Relationship to the Stress Response of FUSOBACTERIUM NUCLEATUM.
1995 Steven Shoha, DDS -
1995 Michele Speier, DDS -
1994 Jarshen Lin, DDS -
1994 Jeffrey Marderosian, DDS -
1994 Gabriele Noory, DDS -
1993 James S. Allen, DDS Determination of the presence of endotoxin within the mineralized tissues of apical root dentin.
1993 Pinelopi Antoniadou-Prokopiou, DDS The Distribution of Sp-Like and Sot-Like Immunoreactive Nerve Fibers in the Rat Molar Pulp.
1993 Maria A. Bautista Manaloto, DDS The Effect of Transforming Growth Factor β1 as a Direct Pulp Capping Material in Experimental Pulp Exposure in Rats.
1993 Alessandro Giovanardi, DDS Assay of metronidazole in human dental pulp and dentin after a single oral dose.
1993 Effat Khataei Khameneh, DDS The Effect of Different instrumentation Techniques on the Shape of Simulated Curved Canals and Analysis of a new Instrumentation Technique.
1993 Clayton D. McKenzie, DDS Diffusion of Calcium Hydroxide Solution through Human Dentin: pH Changes, In vitro.
1993 Angelita C. Olazabal-Bello, DDS The effect of prophylactic use of oral ketorolac and ibuprofen in the control of endodontic post treatment pain.
1993 Ellen Sachs, DDS Modulation of Odontoblast Communication in vitro.
1992 Gail M. Davis, DDS Evaluation of Torsional Stresses of Files when subjected to Sodium Hypochlorite and Three Sterilization Methods.
1992 Alayne B. S. Evans, DDS An Interactive Computer Program as an Adjunct in Predoctoral Endodontic Education.
1992 Jeffrey P. Halvorson, DDS Microleakage analysis of retrograde root cavity preparations.
1992 Paul Frederick Showers, DDS The cross-sectional anatomy of the mesial root of mandibular molars before and after instrumentation.
1991 Donald B. Davies, DDS Evaluation of mechanical properties of machined versus twisted endodontic instruments.
1991 John C. Fat, DDS Cytotoxicity and Dentin Permeability of Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide Vital Bleaching Materials in vitro.
1991 Scott Hodges, DDS -
1991 Russel A. Paul, DDS The influence of a selected instrument design on apical transportation.
1990 James G. Coyne, DDS The neurotoxicity of root canal irrigating solutions and solvents.
1990 Gerald J. Halk, DDS Determination of trial length under various radiographic conditions.
1990 Susan L. Micklow, DDS A double-blind study to evaluate the prophylactic use of naproxen sodium and diflusinal in controlling endodontic post treatment pain.
1990 Mary M. Vickerman, DDS Ecological implications of glucosyltransferase phase variation in streptococcus Gordon II.
1989 Kathleen L. Baltz, DDS A comparison study of the effect of innovated instrument design on the shape of the curved root canal.
1989 Robert W. Miller, DDS The effect of spreader pressure, application time and canal temperature on laterally condensed gutta percha obturations.
1989 Louis M. Shoha, DDS An immunoassay to detect antibodies against endodontic medicaments.
1989 Daron S. Yarjanian, DDS A comparison of the physical properties of endodontic absorbent paper points.
1988 Walter Winston Cox, DDS Microleakage in retrograde amalgams measured in vitro with an electrochemical technique.
1988 Aida N. Peterson, DDS Antibacterial antibodies in the sera of patients needing endodontic therapy.
1987 Robert A. Coleman, DDS Dentin bonded post and cores: an in vitro failure analysis.
1986 James G. Contos, DDS Langerhans cells in apical periodontal cysts: an immunohistochemical study.
1986 Franklin L. Gordon Jr., DDS Cutting, bending and torsion analysis of four endodontic instrument designs.
1986 Dean Hyde, DDS, MS Physical properties of root canal sealers containing calcium hydroxide.
1986 Wesley R. Ichesco, DDS A spectrophotometric Analysis of Dentinal Leakage in the Resected Root.
1986 Douglas J. Schippers, DDS Neurotoxicity of root canal medicaments.
1986 Thomas J. Stein, DDS In vivo root canal length determination using the Neosono-D and Sono-Explorer Mark III.
1986 Michael A. Whitefield, DDS A comparison of the debridgement abilities of hand and ultrasonic instrumentation in extracted human mandibular molars.
1985 Richard J. Gardner, DDS The influence of a selected instrument design on apical transportation.
1985 Norman Holloway, DDS Antimicrobial efficacy of endodontic irrigants and medicaments on anaerobic bacteria.
1985 Guadalupe del Carmen R Mayorga, DDS Effectiveness of selected oxidizing and reducing agents in tetracycline solutions.
1984 Anthony Charles Carbajal, DDS A double-blind study to compare Montin® and aspirin in endodontic posttreatment pain.
1984 Enrique O. Pérez, DDS Radiographic Determination of the Space Available for Post Preparation in 957 Extracted Teeth.
1984 Rafael Santiago, DDS Cutting efficiency of endodontic files in linear motion.
1984 Steven Mark Sieraski, DDS Osseous Healing Kinetics after Apicoectomy in Monkeys.
1983 James Anderson, DDS Cutting ability of square versus rhombus cross sectional endodontics files.
1983 Sandra A. L. LaTurno, DDS An Evaluation of a Teaching Aid in Endodontics.
1982 Richard Allen Baltz, DDS -
1982 Richard Beavers, DDS, MS Periodontal wound healing following intentional lateral and furcal root perforations in the rhesus monkey.
1982 Robert H. Burchell, DDS A model system to evaluate treatments for tetracycline staining.
1981 Jeffrey Leroy Ash, DDS Electromyographic latency and silent period parameters of the masseter muscle in subjects with pulpal pain.
1981 David W. Dolan, DDS Bending and torsional characteristics of rhombus and square cross sectional endodontic files.
1981 J. Keith Hunter, DDS Biomechanical preparation of finely curved corals of mandibular molars.
1981 Rodney P. Paladino, DDS Stress analysis of cast parallel posts of varying lengths.
1980 James K. Jerome, DDS An evaluation of the support for post preparations.
1980 Richard G. Neal, DDS The effects of wear, sterilization, and irrigants on the cutting ability of endodontic files.
1980 Martin J. Tuck, DDS The effect of endodontic treatment on measures of state- and trait-anxiety.
1979 Joan E. Lanier, DDS Irrigant temperature and its effect on debridement of the root canal.
1979 Gordon D. Mattison, DDS Photoelastic stress analysis of cast gold endodontic posts.
1979 Murray A. Shekter, DDS A double-blind study to evaluate the prophylactic use of Ponstel® and aspirin to control endodontic posttreatment pain.
1978 Dennis Michael Gut, DDS Two dimensional photoelastic stress analysis of endodontic preparations.
1978 Allan Jacobs, DDS A comparison of the efficacy of various automated endodontic instruments versus hand instrumentation.
1978 Duncan MacDougall, DDS A preliminary investigation of the immunologic character of a dentin matrix phosphoprotein.
1978 William J. Tichenor, DDS A comparison of apical versus coronal seal.
1977 Michael B. Lindemann, DDS A quantitative bacteriologic evaluation of teeth with necrotic pulp chambers.
1976 Edward Kotz, DDS, MS A comparative study of the physical properties of experimental endodontic sealer formulations.
1976 George Moricz, DDS Photoelastic stress analysis of maxillary anterior teeth with endodontic posts.
1976 Ronald W. Reoch, DDS Accessory canals in the furcation area of molars.
1976 Dan VanderMeulen, DDS, MS Apical healing following apicoectomy with gutta percha, amalgam, and Cavit retrofilling materials.
1975 Carl De Jongh, DDS, MS Endodontic instruments: an evaluation of cutting ability.
1975 Donald Engle, DDS, MS -
1975 John Willoughby, DDS, MS Endodontic instruments: an evaluation of cutting ability.
1974 Geoffrey Carter, DDS, MS -
1974 James B. Satovsky, DDS, MS Cavit: a tissue tolerance study.
1973 Daniel Gilliland, DDS, MS -
1973 Richard Rubinstein, DDS, MS Corrosion phenomenon of endodontic files: a colorimetric analysis.
1973 Ronald R. Shoha, DDS Radiographic interpretation of experimentally produced bony lesions of the jaws.
1972 Kenneth Benjamin, DDS, MS -
1972 Richard Bronson, DDS, MS -
1972 Lawrence Marcotte, DDS, MS Apical healing following apicoectomy with amalgam and gutta percha retrofilling materials.
1972 Richard Martin Zillich, DDS The root canal morphology of mandibular second bicuspids: a clinically oriented study.
1971 John F. Corcoran Jr., DDS, MS Effects of formocresol on Monkey Periapical Tissue: A Histological and Autoradiographic Study.
1971 Donald Safer, DDS, MS -
1971 Gary Tasch, DDS -
1971 Gerald L. Vander Wall, DDS Antibacterial efficacy and cytotoxicity of three endodontic drugs.
1970 Joseph H. Burke, DDS Systemic tetracycline effect on endodontic cultures.
1970 Robert A. Cermak, DDS Physical properties of endodontic drugs.
1968 Harold Wayne Mohorn, DDS, MS Generalized edema and the odontic periapical lesion.
1967 Anthony Dietz, DDS, MS -
1966 Quintiliano Dedeus, DDS, MS -
1965 Paul Vanek, DDS, MS The statistical correlation of root canal cultures with the prognosis of endodontic treatment.
1963 John Cohen, DDS, MS -
1961 Adrian Sampeck, DDS, MS -
1960 Gerald Dietz, Sr., DDS, MS The stainless steel file for root filling.
1959 Michael Heuer, DDS, MS A study of the structural, dimensional, and physical characteristics of root canal instruments.
1959 Calvin Torneck, DDS, MS -
1957 Melvin Eder, DDS, MS -
1956 Edward Green, DDS, MS -
1951 Jack Landsberg, DDS Study of a new endodontic therapeutic agent.
1950 Lynn Crookston, DDS, MS -