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Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics

Dennis Fasbinder, DDS

Clinical Professor

Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics
School of Dentistry, Room 2343
University of Michigan
1011 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078
TEL 734-647-4450
FAX 734-936-1597

Major Responsibilities:

Director: Dental Faculty Associates
Course Director: Grand Rounds Program
Course Director: Advanced Operative Dentistry #832

Special Distinctions:

Program Director: International Dentist Training Program (2004-2011)
Colonel: US air Force (Retired 2007)
President: Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America (2005-2006)
President: American Board of General Dentistry (1999-2000)

Description of Research Area(s):

Dr. Fasbinder is focused on digital impression technology and CAD/CAM systems for the fabrication of esthetic restorations.  The Computerized Dentistry Unit (CompuDent) provides education and conducts research based on 20 years of experience with technology applications for restorative dentistry.  Currently underway clinical research projects involve chair-side application of ceramic onlays and crowns with innovative ceramic materials and adhesive cements, clinical longevity studies of lithium disilicate crowns, clinical application of a digital impression system for innovative CAD/CAM layered zirconia crowns, and clinical longevity study of a nano-ceramic chairside CAD/CAM material for onlays and crowns.

Recent Publications:

  1. Fasbinder DJ, Neiva GF, Dennison JB, Heys DR.  Clinical Performance of CAD/CAM Generated composite Inlays after 10 Years.  J Cosmetic Dentistry 2013 Winter Vol 28(4): 128-139.
  2. Cook KT and Fasbinder DJ. Accuracy of CAD/CAM Crown Fit with Infrared and LED Cameras. Internatl J Computer Dent 2012 Vol 15(4):315-326.
  3. Fasbinder DJ.  Using digital technology to enhance restorative dentistry.  Compend Cont Educ Dent 2012; 33(9):666-676.
  4. Fasbinder DJ. Chairside CAD/CAM: an overview of restorative material options.  Compend Contin Educ Dent 2012 Jan; 33(1):50, 52-58.
  5. Fasbinder DJ and Neiva GF. Computerized Restorative Dentstry. J Mich Dent Assoc 2012; Apr: 34-41.
  6. Fasbinder DJ. Commentary on: Treatment Concept with CAD/CAM-Fabricated High-Density Polymer Temporary Restorations authors: Guth JF, Silva JS, Ramberger M, Beuer F, Edelhoff D. J Esthet Restor Dent 2012; 24(5):319-320
  7. Fasbinder DJ. Restorative materials for chairside CAD/CAM restorations. Compend Cont Educ Dent 2010; 31(9):2-17.
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  18. Fasbinder DJ, Dennison JB, Heys DR, Lampe K. The clinical performance of CAD/CAM-generated composite inlays. JADA 2005; Dec, 136:1714-1723.

Updated on 01/02/2014