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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Kuroda Lab

Research Interest:

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been a significant concern to medical practice, diminishing the number of available treatment options by antibiotics. There is a compelling need to establish new antimicrobials that are active against antibiotic-resistant bacteria without contributing to emergent resistance development. Our laboratory focuses on a new molecular design of antimicrobial synthetic polymers with alternative mode of antibacterial action for multiple applications including pharmaceutical agents, antimicrobial coatings on catheters and implants, and dental composite fillings.

Research Topics:

Dr. Kuroda's laboratory studies membrane-active antimicrobial polymers as synthetic mimics of host-defense peptides and antimicrobial coatings to prevent biofilm formation on biomedical materials. These projects provide insight into polymer-bacteria interactions, aiding in the development of antimicrobial polymers as alternatives for antibiotics. This research is highly interdisciplinary, involving the fields of synthetic polymer chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry, and is oriented to the practical aspects of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.