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Biologic and Materials Sciences and Division of Prosthodontics

Kaartinen Lab Publications

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 Selected Publications

  • Orvis GD, Jamin SP, Kwan KM, Mishina Y, Kaartinen VM, Huang S, Roberts AB, Umans L, Huylebroeck D, Zwijsen A, Wang D, Martin JF, Behringer RR. - Functional Redundancy of TGF-beta Family Type I Receptors and Receptor-Smads in Mediating Anti-Mullerian Hormone-Induced Mullerian Duct Regression in the Mouse. - Biol Reprod [ 2008 ] Mar 5; .PubMed
  • Yang LT, Li WY, Kaartinen V. - Tissue-specific expression of Cre recombinase from the Tgfb3 locus. - Genesis [ 2008 ] Feb;46(2):112-8 . PubMed
  • De Langhe SP, Carraro G, Tefft D, Li C, Xu X, Chai Y, Minoo P, Hajihosseini MK, Drouin J,Kaartinen V, Bellusci S. - Formation and Differentiation of Multiple Mesenchymal Lineages during Lung Development Is Regulated by beta-catenin Signaling. - PLoS ONE [ 2008 ] Jan 30;3(1):e1516 . PubMed
  • Park SO, Lee YJ, Seki T, Hong KH, Fliess N, Jiang Z, Park A, Wu X, Kaartinen V, Roman BL, Oh SP. - ALK5- and TGFBR2-independent role of ALK1 in the pathogenesis of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia type 2. - Blood [ 2008 ] Jan 15;111(2):633-42 .PubMed
  • Yang LT, Kaartinen V. - Tgfb1 expressed in the Tgfb3 locus partially rescues the cleft palate phenotype of Tgfb3 null mutants. - Dev Biol [ 2007 ] Dec 1;312(1):384-95 . PubMed
  • Warburton D, Kaartinen V. - When the lung is stretched, could it be thrombospondin via TGFbeta1 peptide activation? - J Physiol [ 2007 ] Oct 15;584(Pt 2):365 . PubMed
  • Zhou W, Lin L, Majumdar A, Li X, Zhang X, Liu W, Etheridge L, Shi Y, Martin J, Van de Ven W, Kaartinen V, Wynshaw-Boris A, McMahon AP, Rosenfeld MG, Evans SM. - Modulation of morphogenesis by noncanonical Wnt signaling requires ATF/CREB family-mediated transcriptional activation of TGFbeta2. - Nat Genet [ 2007 ] Oct;39(10):1225-34 . PubMed
  • Komatsu Y, Scott G, Nagy A, Kaartinen V, Mishina Y. - BMP type I receptor ALK2 is essential for proper patterning at late gastrulation during mouse embryogenesis. - Dev Dyn [ 2007 ] Feb;236(2):512-7 . PubMed
  • Cho YJ, Cunnick JM, Yi SJ, Kaartinen V, Groffen J, Heisterkamp N. - Abr and Bcr, two homologous Rac GTPase-activating proteins, control multiple cellular functions of murine macrophages. - Mol Cell Biol [ 2007 ] Feb;27(3):899-911 . PubMed
  • Dudas M, Li WY, Kim J, Yang A, Kaartinen V. - Palatal fusion - where do the midline cells go? A review on cleft palate, a major human birth defect. - Acta Histochem [ 2007 ] 109(1):1-14 . PubMed

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