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Global Initiatives in Oral & Craniofacial Health

Travel Resources

Applies to Students, Faculty, and Staff

University of Michigan Education-Related Travel

For trips affiliated with the University of Michigan (ie school sponsored programs, as well as privately organized programs including, but not limited to, dental aid trips, research, internships/externships, conferences, research, presentations, and teaching), there are pre-departure and post-travel requirements. 

Personal Travel

Individuals planning leisure travel can also benefit from following these same resources and requirements.  For faculty and staff, they are asked to follow the standard absentee protocol within their department, if applicable.  For students, if educational time may be missed, they must first gain approval through the steps outlined in: Domestic & International Communication Requirements.

The University of Michigan School of Dentistry has established a protocol and compiled resources to aid students, faculty, and staff who are traveling both domestically and internationally.

This protocol has been modelled after the University of Michigan’s primary resource for international travel: Global Michigan: Traveling Abroad and is in compliance with the University’s International Travel Policy.