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Global Initiatives in Oral & Craniofacial Health

International Travel - Pre-departure for Group Leaders

Leader Requirements

Group leaders (faculty, staff, or graduate students) leading students abroad to any destination for study, research, or other reasons must have their plans reviewed and approved in advance by the Dean or designated administrator of each academic or business unit in which the program is based. International Travel Policy SPG 601.31

Group leaders are responsible for ensuring that:
All trip itinerary, lodging, and overseas contact information is entered into the University Travel Registry. Locally purchased cell phones or other local contact information should be updated in the Travel Registry once available.
All students have obtained Travel Abroad Health Insurance through the University’s authorized vendor.
University guidance is followed, including travel to destinations under a University Travel Warnings or University Travel Restriction.
Best practices for health, safety and security planning for pre-departure orientation, during the trip and post-trip are reviewed and followed.
Verification of the University Travel Registry registration and travel abroad health insurance purchase has been provided to the Dean or designated administrator of each of the schools or colleges in which the students are enrolled.
Students who plan additional travel before and/or after the official group travel dates should coordinate with the group leader or program administrator to ensure their additional travel information is registered and that they have University Travel Abroad Health Insurance for their complete travel dates.
Verify completion of requirements using: Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students Leading Student Groups Traveling Abroad

Warning Destinations

  • Destinations under a University Travel Warning
  • Travel is unadvisable due to a significant level of health, safety, or security risks.
  • If a group would like to pursue travel to a Warning Destination, the group leader must follow the following steps before pursuing travel plans:
Faculty and staff leading groups that include students must contact THE Director of Global Initiates with:
Three months before desired departure (minimum)

1. Completed Group Travel Abroad Request

2. Completed Safety Plan for Group Travel

3. Information that proposed location is under a University Travel Warning and purpose of the proposed travel.

If approved, submit the following to the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) at for review and approval related to the identified health and safety risks.

3.Confirmation of Dean or designated administrator’s approval
If approved, the group leader must:
2 months before desired departure (minimum)
Submit copies of the documents to the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC). ITOC will review the materials and may contact the group leader(s) with additional questions regarding health and safety aspects of the proposed travel. ITOC reviews submissions on a rolling basis. Questions about the process may be directed to or call 734-763-0395.
If approved by ITOC, the group leader or designated program administrator must ensure all participants:
Immediately after ITOC approval
Are registered in the University Travel Registry
Obtain University Travel Abroad Health Insurance
Provide the program administrator with a signed Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability and Financial Obligation for each participant.

Travel authorization may be revoked if these steps are not completed before departure.

Restriction Destinations

Destinations under a University Travel Restriction

  • Travel is generally prohibited due to extreme health, safety or security risks.
  • Undergraduate Students: Travel for education-related purposes is prohibited.
  • In the very unlikely case that a group would like to pursue travel to a Warning Destination, the group leader must contact:
  • Kimberley Coyne (, Senior Advisor for International Health, Safety and Security
  • International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) (