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Faculty Affairs

Online Manual: Dental Informatics and Innovation Communication Resources

Lynn Johnson, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Institutional Effectiveness

Matt Vuocolo, Technology Services Director

Roger Gillie, Application Services Director

Dan Bruell, Digital Learning Services Director

Help Desk 734-763-3318 or
Online Dental Informatics

Listed are the information and communication technology services that you may require at the School of Dentistry.  Our goal is for you to be operational as quickly as possible. If you have questions you should contact Desktop Support 734-763-3318 or email the help desk at:

General Services

  • U-M Services - Google e-mail, calendaring and storage
  • Network
    • Wired
    • MWireless
    • MWireless-Guest
    • MiDent Wireless
  • Security: M-File (file transfer), M-Card, mobile, flash drives
  • MCommunity: Find people; data comes from Wolverine Access
  • DDS.HelpDesk
    • Hardware Purchases: Recommendations and ordering
    • Software Licensing: Microsoft, Adobe, EndNote, SPSS, etc.
    • Storage: MiVault and U-M storage options.
  • Graphical Design: Posters, video, medical illustrations, etc.
  • Websites and Social Media: For school units and specialized purposes

Technology Services


  • Instructional Design: Help design and evaluate instructional activities
  • CTools and Collaboration: Academic Affairs and DLS
  • Classroom Usage: Workstation and podcasting
    • Dual Boot
    •  Laptop
    • Visualizer in lecture halls
    • Upgrade to DICOM projectors in lecture halls, add screens


  • Grants: Dental Informatics can support grants
  • Consult regarding the budget
  • Resources Boiler Plate


  • MiDent