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Dental Informatics

Digital Signage

 interactive digital signage
In 2007, the School of Dentistry began to investigate whether it would be worthwhile to collaborate with other University units on a shared digital signage and Wayfinding infrastructure.
Static digital signage

Today, under Dentistry's leadership, the University has developed a shared campuswide signage infrastructure, developed touch-enabled applications for directories, mapping and wayfinding, and created a branded "look and feel" for campus signage.

When the pilot is complete, nearly one hundred devices that will provide wayfinding, announcements, and emergency messaging will be installed across the University. Eventually, we anticipate that over five hundred devices will be deployed.

The collaboration has already grown to include a substantial number of campus facilities including Education, Nursing, Housing, the Hospital, Social Work, Palmer Commons, Physics, Chemistry, and others.

The University has selected Four Winds Interactive to provide the software which powers the system, and this software has been site-licensed for the entire Ann Arbor campus including all Medical Center facilities and the Medical School. This means that additional groups wishing to deploy signage will now incur no software licensing costs - only the costs of hardware and installation.

The pilot team is currently working to centralize the management of this system and provide a sustainable and scalable signage and wayfinding system to the entire campus community.

For more information, you can visit the project blog, the ITS Wiki page or e-mail