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Dental Informatics

Computer recommendations

Recommendations for Desktop and Laptop Computers

Dental Informatics has prepared custom configurations for faculty and staff purchases.  We strongly recommend using these configurations.  If you can't find one that seems appropriate for you, contact Dental Informatics at 3-3318.

For Faculty and Staff

Windows PCs

Access Dentistry-approved Windows PC configurations at the Dell M-Marketsite page by navigating to Wolverine Access, clicking University Business, and selecting the Marketsite link.  Click on the Dell button and scroll down to the School of Dentistry category.

Apple PCs

Access Dentistry-approved Apple configurations at the Apple M-Marketsite page by navigating to Wolverine Access, clicking University Business, and selecting the Marketsite link.  Click on the Apple button and find the "Recommended Systems" link at the top right.

For Students

Students may use any operating system they like and are encouraged to use the one that's most comfortable for them.  Any modern computer with a dual-core or better processor and 2GB or more of RAM will be adequate for most applications.

Students interested in image processing, analysis of large datasets, or other intensive computing tasks should purchase a computer with additional RAM and a faster processor.

Students are encouraged to purchase a portable media player and to take advantage of the School's audio/video lecture capture services (Podcasting).

Portable Media Players and Podcasting

All portable media players that support podcasting will work with School of Dentistry podcasts.  If you have a PMP other than an iPod, see this list of applications that can be used to subscribe to podcasts.

Computer Accessories & Peripherals

M-Marketsite provides access to the vendors below.  If you need help choosing a piece of hardware, contact Desktop Support at 3-3318 or write for a consultation.

Software Licensing

The School of Dentistry leverages Software Licensing resources from LSA. This allows Dentistry Faculty and Staff to request software for installation on University owned computers.  Various software titles are available for both Mac and Windows computers.  Once you've located your software, email to arrange the installation. If you need something that isn't listed please email us at and provide the name, version and number of copies needed (typically a minimum 20 are required for new requests). We will forward the information to LSA Software Licensing and they will work to procure the order. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In order to use the software from SWL your computer must have internet access.  If you will be offline (no internet access) please follow these instructions BEFORE you go offline.