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Taft Honorary Dental Society

Dr. Jonathan Taft, who became the first Dean of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1875 and retired as Dean in 1903, promoted the dental profession and inspired those entering it. Wishing to advance his ideals, the Jonathan Taft Honorary Dental Society was formed in 1965. The Taft Society manifests these ideals by fostering dental education and scholarship, engaging in various public service activities, encouraging cooperation between faculty and students, and initiating the future dentist into his or her role and responsibility in the community. A volunteer organization open to both dental and dental hygiene students of all levels, the Taft Society each year presents awards to graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to the Society’s goals.

2014 - 2015 Taft E-board 

Presidents: Jake Williams and Saalini Velamakanni
Vice-president: Gabrielle Zuzo
D2 Representatives: Teddy Eusebio and Tarek Metwally
Give Kids a Smile Coordinators: Gabrielle Zuzo and Arielle Castine

Updated 1/26/2015