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Ida Gray Award Recipients


Scott Ward

Scott Ward receives the Ida Gray Award as an affiliate of our school. Scott Ward has been associated with our school for nearly 40 years. In the early 1970s, when he was in a dental technician program, he arrived for an internship in our dental school’s lab. He liked it so much – and the school liked him so much – that he stayed as a lab technician for the next 8 years until the dental lab in our own school was closed. At this time, he started his own lab in the basement of his home – and this small business developed tremendously since then. 

Scott was always passionate about helping our students understand what they need to know if they want to collaborate successfully with a dental lab. But about 10 years ago, he found another passion in life: Dr. Kevin Sloan asked him if he would volunteer his services for the Hope dental clinic in Ypsilanti. And when he and his staff responded to this call for help, they became really involved in volunteering their services. Dr. Sloan would send them photos of the patients for whom they had volunteered their time and seeing how happy these patients were was a tremendously rewarding and motivating experience. It led him to be part of a new endeavor in Brighton as part of the fund raising committee: the Vina Clinic, a community clinic in Brighton which is just down the street from his lab. In addition, he volunteered for the Mission of Mercy last year at Saginaw Valley University and prepared mostly immediate flippers for more than 80 patients in 2 days. This work was so rewarding for him that he looks forward to this year’s Mission of Mercy event in Big rapids in May.

Scott Ward demonstrates the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision for what the world should be like and we are therefore very happy to award him this year’s Ida Gray Award. Cell phone: 810-241-4848

John Squires

John Squires was a staff member in our school from 1979 to December 2012 when he retired. He was a media engineer and an instructional associate. We all know him as a perfect support person whenever we needed help in classrooms. He was always supportive and positive and knew how to talk with the people who needed his help on a level that they understood what was going.  John has very close relationships with two MACs: In the middle 1980s, he fell in love with the MAC computer when then department chair for educational resources, Dr. Starks brought the first MAC computer to the school and has been an advocate for them since then. A few years ago, while he served on the University wide committee “Voice of the Staff”, he became part of the MAC, the Multicultural Affairs Committee, and he has not missed a meeting since then – even after he retired he continued to give us his support. He is always willing to step up to the plate when anything needs to be done for MAC events and we are very proud to present him today with the 2014 Ida Gray Award for staff members. Cell phone: 734-883-2308

Isabel C. Castillo

Isabell Castillo is one of our D4 students and we are happy to present her with the 2014 Ida Gray Student award before she leaves our school.  Isabel has been involved in many volunteer activities during her time at our school: During the St. Mary’s Annual Spring Health Fair in Ann Arbor, she worked in collaboration with the Latin American & Native American Medical Association to provide valuable oral health education and oral screenings to the Ann Arbor community. She was very involved with Migrant Farms Oral Health Screenings in Adrian MI and provided dental health screenings and oral health education to Spanish speaking migrant workers there. She also participated in the Eastern Michigan University Mouth guard Clinic in Ypsilanti and volunteered to provide free mouth guards to the sport teams at EMU. And she is always happy to be a volunteer at the Taft clinics.

In addition, Isabel is also a very active member of our school’s Hispanic Student Dental Association. From 2010-2011, she was the secretary of this organization and helped to revive the HDA student chapter at UofM School of Dentistry. In 2011-12, she was the treasurer and in 2012-13, the public relations chair. She played a key role in helping HSDA implement new ideas and activities for the year and make the program much more rewarding for students. She also collaborated with peers to initiate the “Spanish Conversation Hour” for our students, faculty, and staff members. Since her first year at the dental school, she has been a MAC member and was always ready to help organize community events and contribute to the MAC’s mission to promote diversity in our school and plan activities that celebrate different cultures and build a community in our school. She also collaborated to establish the dental aid trips to Guatemala and was a wonderful role model as a facilitator our Profile for Success participants last summer. Isabel is the perfect person to receive this award because her life is led in the spirit of Dr. King. We are proud to present her with the 2014 ida Gray Award for students.

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