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TEAM Trainees



 2014-2015 Team & UM-TOPICs Trainee Dinner Presentations:

October 13th:  Nic Snider, Jiwon Kim, Jae Shin
November 10th:  Joe Labuz, Yasmine Doleyres, Jonah Lee
December 8th:  Career Path's discussion with Dr. Dave Kohn
January 12th:  Jen Shadrach, Daniel Harper
February 9th:  Bradley Plummer, Chunxi Ge
March 9th:  Sean Park, Kyriel Pineault, Bita Carrion
April 14th:  Min Oh, Megan Michalski
May 12th:  Joe Nguyen, Allen Mackey

Attendance at TEAM dinners is a requirement for the TEAM and UM-TOPICs Training grant funds. 
Fall Meetings are in room G580 - Dentistry

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