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Research Day Awards and Thank You

Thank you to all the sponsors, vendors and research presenters for Research Day 2014 and to Dr. Anh D. Le the Keynote Speaker.

Grand Prize - ADA DENTSPLY Award

Lior Aljadeff

(D3, Mentor: Theodora Danciu)


Histomorphology, EMT, and stemness markers characterize invasive tumor front behavior and predict overall survival in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Undergraduate, DDS, DH, MS/Certificate - Clinical Application and Technique

First Prize

Mariya Volvovsky
(D4, Mentor: Marita Inglehart)
Dental Students and Faculty Members’ Attitudes towards Community Service: Does Involvement Matter?

Second Prize

Daniel Hammaker, Rachel Sheridan
(D4, Mentor: Tracy de Peralta)
Dental Students’ Perceived Value of Clinical Leadership Experiences

Third Prize

Sarah Baxter
(D3, Mentor: Margherita Fontana)
Metabolic Markers of Caries in Saliva and Plaque of Toddlers

Undergraduate, DDS, DH, MS/Certificate - Basic Science and Research

First Prize

Emily Eubanks
(D3 Mentor: Darnell Kaigler)
Cell Seeding Efficiency and Survival for Clinical Cell Therapy of Craniofacial Defects

Second Prize (TIE)

Lulia Kana
(Undergrad, Mentor: Russell Taichman)
Characterization of Prostate Cancer Dormancy Using Fucci Dye Indicators

Ahmed Maawadh
(MS-Certification, Mentor: Peter Yamen)
Effect of two light intensities on bulk fill composite resin

Third Prize

Riley Schaff
(D1, Mentor: William Giannoble)
Oral Porphyromonas gingivalis infection increases the development and progression of collagen-induced arthritis

Dental Hygiene

First Prize

Jessica Price, Barbara Preston
(DH4, Mentor: Anne Gwozdek)
Faculty and student perceptions of career choices as influenced by gender roles

Second Prize

Alyssa Bergermann, Samantha Metcalf
(DH4, Mentors Susan Taichman, Dan Chiego, Chris Fenno)
Bacterial Contamination & MRSA Detection in Academic Dental Clinics

Third Prize

Renee Berger, Aphton McElheney
(DH4, Mentor Danielle Furgeson, Susan Taichman)
A Comparison of Common Instrumentation Modalities for Dental Calculus Removal

PhD/Postdoctoral Fellow/Faculty/Staff

First Prize (TIE)

Jamie Lane
(PhD Candidate, Mentor: Vesa Kaartinen)
Removal of Transforming growth factor beta 3 signaling components lead to defects in the secondary palatal epithelium

Christina Scanlon
(PhD Candidate, Mentor: Nisha D’Silva)
Perineural invasion in head and neck cancer: Mechanism of development

Second Prize

Fabiana Soki
(PhD Candidate, Mentor: Laurie McCauley)
Macrophages and Prostate Cancer Skeletal Metastasis

Third Prize

Sudha Rajderkar
(PhD Candidate, Mentor: Vesa Kaartinen)
Trim33 is required for lineage potential of myocardial progenitors in developing heart