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Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Format Guidelines     Poster Presenting Guide - 2015

  • The boards for posters at Research Day measure 4 feet by 6 feet. Posters must be mounted within this space.
  • A poster must cover the same materials as the submitted abstract.
  • Poster templates are available from Dental InformaticsPlease use an updated template
  • Posters should be designed in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator. Both PC and Mac formats are acceptable.
  • Use figures, tables, text, photographs and other illustrations to display your information in a clear and concise manner. Material should flow logically so that it “tells a story.”
  • Briefly describe procedures and materials. Define all trade names first, then use generic names throughout. All compounds and drugs must be identified.
  • The poster is not a publication. Avoid full sentences and use bullets to increase clarity. References are not necessary.
  • Prepare all graphics neatly and legibly beforehand, then copy/paste into the template. Typed materials should be in a font large enough to read from 8 feet away (18 point minimum). Photographs should be 300 dpi JPEG format, and placed into the template using the “insert” function.
  • Be sure to acknowledge all authors and funding sources.

Submitting Posters for Printing (NEW Guidelines)

  1. To print a poster through Dental Informatics you must have a shortcode or a voucher when submitting your poster file
  2. Name your file with the following convention:  "LastName-FirstName_EventName-Year.ppt"  eg., Doe-John_Researchday-2015.ppt
    (Upload your file as a Powerpoint)
  3. Go to the Poster Ordering Form (Found on MI Tools under Schoolwide - Poster Printing), complete all the questions
  4. After you hit Submit you will be prompted to go to the UPLOAD FORM (If you encounter a problem email Ken Rieger
  5. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting the form

DEADLINE FOR PRINTING REQUESTS - Wednesday, February 4th at 5pm

Pick up Posters at the Dental Informatics Office 3052 ( or 763-3322).

Posters are due to the Office of Research (G306) by Noon on Tuesday, February 10th

Financial Assistance for Printing Posters available for Students in a degree seeking program at Michigan

Vouchers to cover the cost of poster printing are available to students*. These will cover the cost of printing only done through Ken Rieger at the School of Dentistry. No other costs will be covered and no reimbursements will be done. Students who qualify for a voucher will receive an email with instrucitons. 
*Students in a degree seeking program at the University of Michigan will be eligable for a voucher.

Postdocs, visiting scholars, staff and Faculty Posters

Individuals who are in a lab as a postdoc, visiting scholar or are staff or faculty will need to provide a shortcode to print posters at the School of Dentistry (or other UM printing facility.)  Questions on whether you qualify for a voucher can be sent to or stop into Dent-G306.

Poster Set-Up

All posters must be turned in to the Office of Research by Noon on February 10th.  Poster tubes must be properly labeled. (Last name, First Name)
You will be given a poster number.
Any poster not turned by the due date will be required to set it up the morning of Research Day (2/11/15)

Poster Presentation - Wednesday February 11, 2015

Check-in at the Welcome Desk starting at 2:00pm
Presentation of Research is from 2:15 - 4:15PM.  Do not leave your poster during this time.
At 4:15 - take down your poster and keep it with you.  Do not leave your poster at Research Day (Your tube will be at the base of your poster).  
The Reception and Awards Ceremony will start at 4:30PM 


Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

Subject Matter Presentation Professionalism
  • Data are scientifically sound and statistically significant
  • Creative, innovative approach
  • Research is timely and important
  • Student knows why research is important
  • Hypothesis clearly stated
  • Background knowledge provided
  • Methods clearly outlined
  • Results presented succinctly
  • Summary or conclusions clear and succinct
  • Oral presentation shows understanding of data
  • Poster is well organized
  • Professional demeanor and appearance


DDS, Dental Hygiene and MS/Certificate Students

ADA / Dentsply Award

Trip to the ADA Convention as the representative for the ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Program, plus $125.00 spending allowance. (By Dentsply rules, only first through third year DDS students are eligible.)

Category I
Clinical Research/Public Health

1st prize: $100
2nd prize: $75
3rd prize: $50

Category II
Basic Science Research

1st prize: $100
2nd prize: $75
3rd prize: $50

Hygiene Award
(Split between presenters)

1st prize: $200
2nd prize: $150
3rd prize: $100

Graduate / postdoctoral / staff

(Either Category I or Category II)

1st prize: $200
2nd prize: $150
3rd prize: $100