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For Poster Printing Information please refer to the Poster Guidelines webpage. Posters will be presented at Research Day, February 21, 2018.
Any questions please contact sodresoff@umich.edu


Below are the descriptions of our judging categories.  Please keep in mind that the category you select during the application process is the category in which you will be judged.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your faculty advisor for advice on the best placement of your research. 

CATEGORY I: Clinical Research / Public Health Research

Clinical Science / Public Health Research Presentations focus on clinical research questions in general dentistry or one of the clinical dental specialties and may focus on diagnostic approaches, interventions and/or prevention and/or may evaluate clinical techniques, materials or devices directly related to oral health care.  This category also includes educational research, epidemiology, public health, community-based, and/or public policy research.

CATEGORY II:  Basic and Translational Science Research

Basic and Translational Science Research presentations are generally hypothesis-driven projects involving some aspect of basic or translational sciences.  Translational research pertains to studies that investigate the application of basic science findings to clinical situations.  Research in this category may address a technique or method involving a biological or physical science.

Awards for 2017 include:

AADR Student Research Day Award

Eligability - students at Dentistry in a degree seeking program (undergrad, DDS, Hygiene, MS/Certificate or PhD)
Note: Individuals must have submitted an abstract for the AADR annual meeting in San Francisco, California, March 22-24, 2017
Award Includes:  AADR Registration fee (reimbursed by AADR) plus $500 for travel to AADR.  

ADA Dentsply Award:

Trip to the ADA Convention as the representative for the ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Program, plus $125.00 spending allowance.
(By Dentsply rules only D1, D2 and D3 students are eligible.)

Monetary prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for the following:

Category 1 - Clinical Research / Public Health
(DDS, Hygiene, MS/Certificate Students)

Category 2 - Basic Science Research
(DDS, Hygiene, MS/Certificate Students)

Graduate / postdoctoral / Staff
(Either category 1 or 2)

Hygiene Awards
1st and 2nd place award
1st place table clinic