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How do I become a patient?



The Fletcher parking structure plaza ramp to patient parking is scheduled for reconstruction the week of August 24, 2015.  During this time, all School of Dentistry patients will be directed to park in the visitor area of the Palmer parking structure. Parking Services will have appropriate directional signage for locating the school from the Life Sciences Building.  In addition, a golf cart with driver will be available to assist those patients unable to walk to the school. If you require assistance, please contact the UMSD Appointment Office upon your arrival by dialing 3-6933 from the Life Sciences house phone. 

First Visit

To schedule your first appointment, call the Patient Admissions and Emergency Services (PAES) clinic.
734-763-6933, option #5 OR
888-707-2500, option #5

  • Your first appointment is to evaluate the best option for your dental care (a provider will be assigned following this visit)
  • X-rays are taken at this time (not required if a recent set can be provided)
  • You are not billed for the initial screening other than the fees for x-rays which are generally estimated to be $83.00

Second Visit

Your assigned student dentist, specialty resident or staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment.

  • You will receive a comprehensive oral examination and treatment plan
  • We will discuss with you an estimate of the time and cost for the recommended treatment
  • Financial consultation is available


Student Dental Clinics

In the Student Dental Clinics, treatment is provided by dental and dental hygiene students under direct faculty supervision.

Graduate Specialty Clinics

In the Graduate Specialty Clinics, you will receive treatment by residents training for a graduate degree or board certification in their specialty.

Faculty Patient Care

Faculty members at the University of Michigan devote part of their time to patient care, employing the most advanced diagnostic technologic procedures available. For more information go to Dental Faculty Associates

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