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Full page templates


Department Home Tiled

A "table-of-contents" style page for departments and units.

Resource Links Tiled

A structured list of resources (usually PDFs and external links)

Resource Links Inline Tiled

Same as "Resource Links Tiled" except these links are displayed horizontally.

Bio Single

Large bio piece on one individual.

Bio Multiple Stacked

Listing multiple bios with moderate content for each.

Bio Multiple Tiled

Many bios with brief text blurbs and optional link to read more


Simplest way of listing members of a group. Especially useful for large groups.

Exhibit Home Tiled

Graphically rich launch point. Quality of photos/graphics matter a lot here.

Exhibit Multiple Stacked

Balanced graphic-to-text blocks.

Exhibit Multiple Tiled

A simplified graphically rich launch point - or - without links a one-screen no-click-needed gallery.

Exhibit Feature

Full length story focused on one person, event, etc.


Partial page templates

Special page elements