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Student Health Insurance

The School of Dentistry requires all students (DDS, Graduate, Dental Hygiene) and residents to have a miminium level of health insurance.


To learn more about health insurance, go to

How to pay for it

Deadline to submit health insurance information

Criteria for health insurance

How to submit health insurance information

UHS website for financial needs and medical assistance



If you are a DDS or graduate dental student and receive financial aid, the cost of the health insurance is already included in your financial aid budget. 

Consequently, financial aid will NOT increase for this charge.

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The DEADLINE to submit the Health Insurance Submit Form in MiTools for the 2012-2013 school year will be September 2012.  The exact date is TBD.

Failure to complete the Health Insurance Submit Form by the deadline will result in temporary suspension of MiDent privileges.  Access to MiDent will not be reinstated until the Health Insurance Submit Form is completed and properly verifies acceptable coverage.

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Option A:  Health insurance plans that meet all of following requirements:

  • In-patient care in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area
  • Out-patient care in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area at sites other than University Health Service (UHS) (including office visits and ancillary procedures)  Coverage for emergency only care or access under the UM University Health Service Fee (included in tuition) do not satisfy this requirement.
  • Insurance coverage will remain effective and not lapse during any enrolled period or during participation in any dental affiliated educational program (i.e. AEGD).

Option B:  Acceptable insurance might include one of the following University of Michigan health insurance plans for the current academic year:

  • International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan - current provider or the International Center approved alternative plan
  • University of Michigan’s faculty and staff health insurance plan (GradCare or Premier Care)
  • UM Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan (DSHIP) through current provider

Option C:  Acceptable insurance might include government sponsored plan applicable in Michigan for the current academic year:

  • Michigan Medicaid
  • Washtenaw County Health Plan
  • Other U.S. Government Sponsored Plan (active military)

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but NOT REQUIRED,  that the insurance policy a student selects also includes the following coverage:

  • A lifetime coverage maximum (payment) of at least $1,000,000
  • Both in-patient and out-patient mental health coverage in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area (emergency coverage only does not satisfy this requirement)
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Coverage for attempted suicide and related injuries as well as alcohol and drug related injuries

By submitting the Health Insurance Form in MiTools, the student understand the following:

  • The student is legally responsible for all medical expenses incurred
  • The student must provide acceptable proof of insurance coverage
  • The student has obtained insurance for the annual twelve month period that satisfies the definition of minimum level of health insurance to meet waiver requirements as described above.


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