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Periodontics and Oral Medicine

Laurie K. McCauley, DDS, MS, PhD

University of Michigan School of Dentistry

The William K. and Mary Anne Najjar Professor
Division of Periodontics
Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
1101 N. University Rm #1234
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078

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1980 - BS, Education, The Ohio State University
1985 - DDS, The Ohio State University
1988 - MS, Dentistry, The Ohio State University
1991 - PhD, Veterinary Pathobiology, The Ohio State University

Honors and Awards

2016 - Edward B. Shils Award for Outstanding Leadership as a Health Educator
2016 - Fellow, Pierre Fauchard Academy
2015 – National Academy of Medicine, selected for membership
2015 – American Academy of Periodontology, Distinguished Scientist
2015 – Birnberg Research Medal Award of the Dental Alumni of Columbia University for excellence in dental research
2015 – The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Distinguished Alumni Award
2011 - Basic Research in Biological Mineralization Award, International Association for Dental Research
2010 - American Dental Education Association (ADEA) William J. Gies Award
2008-2011 - National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Advisory Dental & Craniofacial Research Council Member
2008 - Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
2007-2012 - Associate Editor, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
2007-2010 - Council member, American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
2006-2009 - Editorial Board, Oral Diseases
2004-2009 - Editorial Board, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research
2002-2007 - Editorial Board, Calcified Tissue International

Academic Appointments and Professional Experience

1984-1985 - Student Teaching Assistant, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University
1985-1988 - Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University 1988-1991 - Private practice limited to Periodontics, Marysville, Ohio
1988-1991 - Graduate Research Fellow, Department of Periodontology, College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University
1988-1991 - Graduate Research Fellow, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, The Ohio State University
1992-1996 - Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics/Prevention/Geriatrics, University of Michigan
1996-2001 - Associate Professor, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, University of Michigan
1996-2002 - Director, Center for Biorestoration of Oral Health
1992-present - Private practice limited to Periodontics, Dental Faculty Associates, University of Michigan
1998-1999 - Visiting Scientist, Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg France, Hosted by Professor and Director, Pierre Chambon
2001-present - Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Medical School, University of Michigan
2001-present - Professor, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine (formerly Periodontics/Prevention/Geriatrics), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
2002-2012 - Chair, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
2002-present - William K. and Mary Anne Najjar Professor of Periodontics
2005-2006 - Visiting Scientist, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon France, Hosted by Professor Pierre Jurdic
2013-present - Dean, School of Dentistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Research Interests

  • Hormonal controls of bone remodeling
  • Anabolic actions of parathyroid hormone (PTH), parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) and their dependence on the PTH-1 receptor and AP-1 transcription factors to evoke their anabolic actions
  • Impact and therapeutic potential of PTH in craniofacial osseous wound healing
  • The role of PTHrP and the bone marrow microenvironment in the pathophysiology associated with skeletal metastasis
  • Interactions of hematopoietic cells and PTH/PTHrP actions in the bone microenvironment

McCauley Lab

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Recent Publications

Michalski MN, McCauley LK. Macrophages and skeletal health. Pharmacology & Therapeutics: In press, 2017.

Sinder BP, Zweifler L, Koh AJ, Michalski MN, Hofbauer LC, Roca H, McCauley LK. Bone mass is compromised by the chemotherapeutic trabectedin via effects on osteoblasts and macrophage efferocytosis. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: conditionally accepted, 2017.

Dang M, Koh AJ, Jin X, McCauley LK, Ma PX. Local pulsatile PTH delivery regenerates bone defects via enhanced bone remodling in a cell-free scaffold. Biomaterials, 114:1-9, 2017. PMID:27835763, PMCID: in process.

Roca H, Purica M, Weidner S, Koh AJ, Kuo R, Nör JE, Shea LD, McCauley LK. Apoptotic cell clearance drives CXCL5, accelerating inflammatory cell infiltration, and supporting prostate cancer tumor growth in bone. Conditionally accepted, 2017.

Dang M, Koh AJ, Danciu T, McCauley LK, Ma PX. Preprogrammed long-term systemic pulsatile delivery of parathyroid hormone to strengthen bone. Advanced Healthc Materials: in press, 2016, PMID:27930873.

Wang CC, McCauley LK. Osteoporosis and Periodontitis. Current Osteoporosis Reports: In press: Published on-line, September 30, 2016. PMID:2769628

S, Pienta KJ, Roca H, McCauley LK. Alternatively activated myeloid cells support prostate cancer skeletal metastasis. Submitted 2016.

Koh AJ, Sinder BP, Entezami P, Nilsson L, McCauley LK. The skeletal impact of the chemotherapeutic agent etoposide. Osteoporosis International, conditionally accepted, 2016.

Michalski MN, Koh AJ, Weidner S, Roca H, McCauley LK. Modulation of osteoblastic cell efferocytosis by bone marrow macrophages. J Cell Biochem, 117:2697-2706, 2016. PMID:27061191.

Sinder BP, Pettit A, McCauley LK. Macrophages: Big-Eaters with a Big Role in Bone. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 30(12):2140-9, 2015. PMID: 26531055.

Al-Dujaili SA, Koh AJ, Dang M, Mi X, Chang W, Ma PX, McCauley LK. Calcium sensing receptor function supports osteoblast survival and acts as a co-factor in PTH anabolic actions in bone. J Cell Biochem, in press on-line, 2015. PMID 26579618.

Soki FN, Cho SW, Kim YW, Jones JD, Park SI, Koh AJ, Entezami P, Daignault-Newton S, Pienta KJ, Roca H, McCauley LK. Bone marrow macrophages support prostate cancer growth in bone. Oncotarget, 6:35782-96, 2015. PMID:26459393.

Chang J, Koh AJ, Roca H, McCauley LK. Juxtacrine interaction of macrophages and bone marrow stromal cells induce interleukin-6 signals and promote cell migration. Bone Research, 3:15014, 2015.

Wang L, Tran AB, Nociti FH, Thumbigere-Math V, Foster BL, Krieger CC, Kantovitz KR, Novince CM, Koh AJ, McCauley LK, Somerman MJ. PTH and Vitamin D repress DMP1 in cementoblasts. Journal of Dental Research: 94:1408-16, 2015.

Roca H, McCauley LK. Inflammation and skeletal metastasis. Bonekey Reports 4:706, 2015. PMID:26131358.

Khan AA, Morrison A, Hanley DA, Felsenberg D, McCauley LK, O’Ryan F, Reid IR, Ruggerio S, Taguchi A, Tetradis S, Watts NB, Brandi ML, Peters E, Guise T, Eastell R, Sheung AM, Morin SN, Masri B, Cooper C, Morgan S, Obermayer-Pietsch B, Langdahl BL, Al Dabagh R, Davison KS, Kendler D, Sandor GK, Josse RG, Bhandari M, El Rabbany M, Pierroz DD, Sulimani R, Saunders DP, Brown JP, Compston J. Diagnosis and management of osteonecrosis of the jaw: A systematic review and international consensus. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research: 30:3-23, 2015, PMID:25414052.

Soki FN, Koh AJ, Jones JD, Kim YW, Dai J, Keller ET, Pienta KJ, Atabai K, Roca H, McCauley LK. Polarization of prostate cancer-associated macrophages is induced by milk fat globule-EGF factor 8 (MFG-E8)-mediated efferocytosis. J Biol Chem:289:24560-72, 2014. PMID 25006249, PMCID:4148880. Highlighted in Nature Science Business Exchange (SciBx), August 2014.

Krishnamurthy S, Warner KA, Dong Z, Imai A, Nor C, Ward BB, Helman JI, Taichman RS, Bellile EL, McCauley LK, Polverini PJ, Prince ME, Wicha MS, Nor JE. Endothelial interleukin-6 defines the tumorigenic potential of primary human cancer stem cells. Stem Cells: 32:2845-57, 2014. PMID:25078284, PMCID: In process.

McCauley LK, Dalli J, Koh AJ, Chiang N, Serhan CN. Cutting edge: Parathyroid hormone facilitates macrophage efferocytosis in bone marrow via proresolving mediators resolvin D1 and resolvin D2. J Immunol 193:26-29, 2014. PMID: 24890726, PMCID:4285693.

Cho SW, Soki FN, Koh AJ, Eber M, Entezami P, Park SI, van Rooijen N, McCauley LK. Osteal macrophages support physiologic skeletal remodeling and anabolic actions of parathyroid hormone in bone. PNAS: 111: 1545-50, 2014. PMID 24406853, PMCID PMC3910564

McCauley LK, Dalli J, Koh AJ, Chiang N, Serhan CN. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) facilitates macrophage efferocytosis in bone marrow via pro-resolving mediators resolvin D1 and resolvin D2. Journal of Immunology: In press, 2014.

Simmons J, Elshafae S, Keller E, McCauley LK, Rosol TJ. Review of animal models of prostate cancer bone metastasis. Veterinary Sciences: In press, 2014. Novince CM, Entezami P, Wilson CG, Wang J, Koh AJ, Michalski MN, Sinder BP, Kozloff KM, Taichman RS, McCauley LK. The impact of proteoglycan-4 and parathyroid hormone on articular cartilage degeneration. Journal of Orthopaedic Research: 31:183-90, 2013. PMID 22898906

Cho SW, Pirih FQ, Michalski M, Eber M, Ritchie K, Sinder B, Oh S, Lee J, Kozloff K, Danciu T, Wronski T, McCauley LK. Soluble interleukin-6 receptor signaling is a mediator of hematopoietic and skeletal actions of parathyroid hormone. Journal of Biological Chemistry: 288:6814-25, 2013. PMID 23297399, PMCID PMC3591592

Kuroshima S, Kozloff K, McCauley LK, Yamashita J. Intraoral PTH injections promote tooth extraction socket healing in rats. Journal of Dental Research: 92:553-559, 2013. PMID:23611925, PMCID: PMC3654759

Ding X, Park SI, McCauley LK, Wang CY. Signaling between TGF-beta and Transcription factor SNAI2 Represses Expression of microRNA miR-203 to Promote Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Tumor Metastasis. Journal of Biological Chemistry: 288:10241-53, 2013. PMID 23447531

Kuroshima S, Entezami P, McCauley LK, Yamashita J. Early effects of parathyroid hormone on bisphosphonate/steroid-associated compromised osseous wound healing. Osteoporosis International: In press, 2013. PMID 24301537

Zhang H, Yu C, Dai J, Keller JM, Hua A, Sottnik JL, Shelley G, Hall CL, Park SI, Yao Z, Zhang J, McCauley LK, Keller ET. Parathyroid hormone-related protein inhibits DKK1 expression through c-Jun-mediated inhibition of β-Catenin activation of the DKK1 promoter in prostate cancer. Oncogene:1-14, 2013. PMID 23752183

Jiang Y, Dai J, Zhang H, Sottnik JL, Keller JM, Escott KJ, Sanganee HJ, Yao Z, McCauley LK, Keller ET. Activation of the Wnt pathway through use of AR79, a glycogen synthase kinase 3β inhibitor, promotes prostate cancer growth in soft tissue and bone. Mol Cancer Res: 11:1597-610, 2013. PMID 24088787

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