Fees & Insurance

The chart below compares the time required and fees for treatment by the three types of providers.  Please note: this chart is for illustration purposes only - fees and time requirements may vary.

Comparison of Student, Graduate Specialty and Faculty Clinics

Clinic Time/Fee Simple Cleaning

2 Surface Resin

(White) Filling

DDS & DH Student Clinics Time
3 hours
3 hours
Graduate Specialty Clinics Time
1 hour
1-2 hours
Dental Faculty Associates Clinic Time
1 hour
1 hour

Insurance Information

  • The Patient Information Sheet has a full list of participating and non-participating dental insurance carriers/programs
  • Claim handling for insurance companies we do not accept:  we will issue a courtesy claim for you to submit to your insurance carrier once full payment has been received and posted to your account


Payment for services or proof of insurance is required at the time of treatment. 

Once a treatment plan has been developed and agreed upon by the provider, faculty and patient, payment arrangements can be made for some procedures. A signed treatment plan must be on file. 

How to pay for dental services:
  • Cash is accepted at the time of service
  • Major credit cards (including Flex Benefit debit cards), money orders, and personal checks from local banks are accepted
  • To pay with a credit card over the phone, call 734-647-4246
  • To send a payment by mail, put your account number on check or money order, make payable to "Regents of the University of Michigan" and mail to one of the following locations:
    • Dental School patients (student clinics), mail to:  U-M School of Dentistry, Box 223129, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2129
    • Dental Faculty Associates patients (faculty clinic), mail to:  U-M Dental Faculty Associates, Box 223111, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2111
    • Oral Pathology Biopsy Service, mail to:  U-M Department of Oral Pathology, Box 223195, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2195
    • Community Dental Clinic patients, mail to:  U-M Community Dental Clinic, Box 223172, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2172

If your account has been suspended, payment must be made in full before treatment can resume.

Billing Policy:  The University of Michigan School of Dentistry is committed to complying with all federal, state and local laws regulating rules and professional regulatory body guidelines that involve delivery and payment of dental services.

Clinic Billing Office

Phone:  734-647-4246

  • Option #1 - mail your payment, update name, address, insurance
  • Option #2 - speak with a financial counselor