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Apply to Endodontics

To apply to this program for the Summer 2018 entering class, please follow the steps below to ensure your application is complete.  Only complete applications are reviewed.
  1. Complete the Rackham Graduate School online application.

  2. The Endodontics graduate program requires 3 letters of recommendation. Letters must be submitted online by your recommender – please review the Rackham guidelines.

  3. Submit/upload dental transcripts (and translation if not in English) online with the Rackham Graduate application.  For more information about submitting transcripts, please visit the Rackham Graduate School

  4. Foreign applicants whose native language is NOT English must submit IBT TOEFL scores ( electronically using institution code 1839. The minimum accepted IBT TOEFL is 84. Please do not send a paper copy of your IBT TOEFL score. Paper copies are not accepted. 

  5. The deadline for this program is July 15, 2017. All application materials should be submitted and received by the application deadline.

All application materials must be submitted with your Rackham application and all letters of recommendation must be submitted online by your recommender. See #2 above. You will not be able to add or edit documents after your Rackham Application is submitted to the University of Michigan. Questions, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the relationship between the Rackham Graduate School and the School of Dentistry Admissions Office?

A: The Rackham Graduate School is the home of graduate education at the University of Michigan. Prospective students apply using the Rackham Graduate Application for admission to the School of Dentistry Endodontics Graduate program. The Admissions Office at the School of Dentistry is responsible for forwarding your Rackham Graduate application to the Endodontics program.

Q: I am applying to the Endodontics program. My recommenders gave me letters of recommendations in paper format, how can I submit those letters?

A: We have a paperless admissions process, which means that all of your letters of recommendation must be submitted online by your recommender. Please see item #2 above.

Q: Along with my application, I would like to submit my CV/Resume, NBDE scores, Certificates, Awards, and/or GRE scores. How do I submit that information?

A: CV/Resume, NBDE scores, Certificates, Awards, and GRE scores are not required to apply to the Endodontics program. If you would like to submit any of those documents, you should submit them in the section of the Rackham Graduate application specifically for CVs. All documents must be combined into a single document. They cannot be submitted separately.

Q: How will I know when my application is made available to the Endodontics program for review?

A: The School of Dentistry Office of Admissions will notify applicants via email when their materials have been received and sent to the Endodontics program for review.

Q: When will I be contacted for an interview?

A: The Endodontics Department is responsible for all interview invitations. The department will contact you directly about interview offers.

Q: What is the estimated cost of the Endodontics Graduate program?

A: Please review our tuition table. All students are enrolled beginning with the Summer term, and are registered as full-time students for the length of the program.

Q: I am an internationally trained dentist, if I am admitted to the Endodontics Graduate program and I complete the program will I be eligible for licensure?

A: In the United States, licensure requirements vary from state to state. The state dental board (where you intend to practice) is the appropriate agency to contact for specific information about licensure requirements, the state dental practice act, or other licensure-related information. For more information, please visit