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Personalized Oral Health Care--AADR Fall Focused Symposium

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 7:30am
North Campus, Pierpont Commons-East Room

The symposium “Personalized Oral Health Care: Concept Design to Clinical Practice” will provide an overview of the evolving health care environment. A key feature of this new health care environment is the focus on personalized or individualized health care. Driven by the health care needs of the individual and empowered by rapid advances in genomic medicine and omics technology, this approach will provide health care practitioners with a new toolbox that will improve the capability to predict health risks, assess and quantify the process of disease development, and use more precise/targeted therapies for their patients.

The symposium is open to all health care professionals, and will review an array of technologies in development and in practice, examine the impact of personalized health care environment on the economics of health care, and discuss the implications for improving access to care. Presentations will also explore changes than need to occur in health care education to better prepare practitioners to participate in this new health care environment. Please see the Schedule of Events for complete details.