Financial Information

Certification of Financial Support

If you are recommended for admission, the Office of Continuing Dental Education will inform you of the specific amount of funding you must certify.  It is required by federal law that the University of Michigan obtain proof that you have adequate financial resources to support yourself and any dependents (spouse and children only) for the entire proposed period of study here, including non-enrolled vacation periods.

Certification required for personal and parental funds:

  • Original bank statement issued on official letterhead stationery stating the exact amount of U.S. funds.
  • Original letter of support signed by all persons whose names appear on the bank statement.
  • Photocopies or facsimiles of bank statements or letters of support are not acceptable.
  • All financial documentation must be current (issued within the last three months).

Certification required from sponsoring agencies:

  • Official, signed letter stating the amount of financial support and the period for which it will be provided.
Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is not available.  Regulations governing the federal, state, and institutional programs administered by the Office of Financial Aid restrict funds to US citizens or to students with permanent resident status.  You may wish to contact the American Consulate in your area for information about grants, fellowships, and scholarships available from other sources.