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Hall of Honor Nomination Form

Hall of Honor Nomination Form/Criteria/Past Recipients


The Hall of Honor will be administered by the School of Dentistry’s Alumni Society Board of Governors to give appropriate recognition and honor to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the profession of dentistry.

Nominee(s) shall have been:
(1) a graduate of the D.D.S., D.H., M.S. or Ph.D.  program, and/or
(2) a faculty member, and/or
(3) a research staff member of the University of Michigan.

Nominee(s) for the Hall of Honor must be deceased.

The Hall of Honor Committee shall consist of nine (9)persons selected and approved by the Alumni Society Board of Governors and the Office of the Dean.  Committee members may be alumni, faculty or staff of the School of Dentistry.  Members of the Committee shall serve a maximum of one (1) six year term.  Terms shall be on a rotational basis so that three appointments are vacated every two years.

Nominations for the Hall of Honor should be submitted to the Office of Alumni Relations of the School of Dentistry.  Members of the Committee will screen nominations and submit the names to the Alumni Society Board of Governors for final approval. Hall of Honor nominations will be solicited and reviewed on an annual basis and inductions will commence as appropriate.

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