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Drs. Connie Verhagen & MIchael Cerminaro 1986 D.D.S., Homecoming 2011"Our dental school class reunion weekend was a wonderful event.  It was great to see so many classmates; and like us, no one aged a bit.  Having the class reunion dinner on campus was a special treat.  We were able to relax and catch up in each other’s lives.  The entire weekend was well orchestrated  by the School of Dentistry's Alumni Office which made it effortless for us to participate.  It was even better than we anticipated." -Drs. Connie Verhagen & Michael Cerminaro 1986 D.D.S., Homecoming 2011



Picture of 1976 DDS rep Dr. David Loder "It is always a treat to be able to return to Ann Arbor and visit the ever changing campus of the University.  The campus has a life of its own, and it is exciting and gratifying to walk amongst the beautiful buildings and  witness the history of a thriving university, as well as feel the high energy of the students as they move through the diag going to and from classes. The new hospital and medical campus is incredible!  A visit to North Campus was a real eye opener and a visit to the Gerald Ford Library was very enlightening!  And, of course, to be a part of the huge fan base at the Big House is a thrill on its own!  Nothing gets your party light lit like an afternoon at a Michigan football game!

Being with classmates after 35 years is a real trip.  We all felt like we had just been together not that long ago!  It didn't take long for everyone to catch up on their lives and share a lot of stories and laughs about our days in dental school.  There was a common feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for having received a great education.  A very big part of any reunion is to have the chance to renew some old friendships, even if we are together for only a day or two." -Dr. David Loder, 1976 D.D.S., Homecoming 2011



2011 Distinguished Service Award winner Dr. Josef Kolling, 1981 DDS "It was wonderful seeing everyone again, can't believe its been 30 years since we graduated. Do wish more classmates would take the time to come to our reunions though, we had a decent turnout- but "the more the merrier" at these events.  I was honored to receive the distinguished service award, and to be a part of the 50 year Emeritus luncheon." -Dr. Josef Kolling, 1981 D.D.S. and 2011 Distinguished Service Award winner



Left to right: a member of 1961 DDS class and Dr. Dan Balbach, 1961 DDS class president "Do not miss your Emeritus Fifty Year Reunion! The special medallion and pinning ceremony followed by the Emeritus/Hall of Honor Luncheon was the highlight of the weekend rivaled only by the many shared memories of our dental school days at our two class gatherings that weekend. The outstanding attendance of so many of our classmates added to the joy of our reunion. Kudos to the entire Development Staff and especially "special events planner extraordinaire", Carrie Towns. The "Awesome Dental Class of 1961" thanks you all for a memorable weekend." -Daniel Balbach, D.D.S., President of the "Awesome Class of 1961".

1961 DDS: 50 Years of Accomplishments